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Authors are always looking for outlets for their books.  This has never been more true than in the new digital age.

For the last few months, I have been part of Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP Select).  For those who don’t know, KDP Select is Amazon’s direct portal that allows authors and publishers to sell their books on Amazon.  The “Select” program is a subgroup within KDP that requires the author to give Amazon exclusive rights to sell the book.  The exclusive requirement lasts for ninety days at a time and renews automatically unless the author opts out of the automatic renewal.

KDP Select has two benefits not available to an author who simply uses KDP basic. These two add-ons are: 1. five “free” days per book per ninety-day increment and 2. the opportunity for Kindle Prime members to “borrow” the book for free. The ‘borrow” is free to the Kindle Prime member, but the author receives a payment of approximately $2.40 each time someone “borrows” his book.

The common wisdom is that “free” days have lost most of their effectiveness because of the glut of free ebooks now on the market. So, the only remaining carrot to entice an author to be exclusive with Amazon is the “borrows.”  This is not an insubstantial issue, because “borrows” represent probably 20% or so of the money the average author may make through sales on the Kindle.

The business decision then becomes a matter of whether an author is more likely to sell enough books on other retail sites to make up for the lost revenue from “borrows.”

When my ninety days ran on LAST ONE CHOSEN, I decided to test the waters. I didn’t renew for KDP Select and listed the book through pubit on Barnes & Noble.  

“How might one market a book on BN?” I asked.


Pubit had already anticipated my question and provided a neat little series of canned answers.  Here they are:


How to get started marketing my book

1. Join us on Facebook
Become active on our Facebook page to make connections and learn how other authors are promoting their work, plus get PubIt! updates.
2. Craft your online presence
Get the word out about your writing by utilizing free and effective social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. If you create a website or blog for your writing career, be sure to post the PubIt! badge. It’s easy and takes readers right to the product page.
3. Let your fans know about your book
Provide friends, family and fellow writers with your cover and a short 1 – 2 sentence book description and a link to your product page that they can pass along to their circle of readers. When you connect with the PubIt! community you get feedback and find more readers, too.
Really, BN?
Let’s take those one at a time.
1.  Join us on Facebook.
Let’s see. So I join BN on Facebook to help market my books. Isn’t that like the radio preacher who says, “Give me your money and God will bless you”? It looks like a one-way street that is running the wrong direction for the author.
2.  Use social media to market your book.  Start a webpage.  Blog and be sure to put a Pubit badge on your blog.
Uh, is there an author on the planet who hasn’t been trying for the last couple of years at least to figure out how to market his books by using social media?  Start a webpage. That’s a hot new tip. Blog.  I’ve never heard that one before. Put a Pubit badge on your blog. (see my radio preacher comment above.)
3.  Tell your friends about your book.
Is it news to BN that all authors currently writing ebooks have long ago alienated all their friends as a result of saturation bombing about the authors’ latest books?  The Publit community will give you feedback and help you find new readers. Right. I can hear that feedback now. “I can’t read your book because I don’t have enough time to read. But will you please buy my book.”
Okay, so then I thought maybe BN offers some special merchandising for my books that I can access, for a fee, of course.
Check this out.

How can I get special merchandising for my NOOK Book?

Barnes & Noble independently selects which NOOK Books to merchandise. There is no official submission or application process at this time, but if you would like to have your NOOK Book considered for merchandising and promotional opportunities, please email us at to have your email passed along to our marketing and merchandising teams. We’re also always interested to hear about your own marketing and publicity for your NOOK Book.
I guess I will email and let them know about my marketing efforts, since they are always interested to hear about stuff like that. I can see the guy sitting at his desk now with his pen in hand ready to take notes.
Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy,  doesn’t it?

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