Written from the Heart: The Short Stories of Roger Summers


Many of the short stories were no doubt influenced by Roger’s brilliant, award-winning work on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The short stories of Roger Summers all have one thing in common.

They come straight from the heart.

They are sincere.

They are genuine.

They are portraits of life.


Love lost.

Love found.





Triumphs of the human spirit.

Roger Summers

Many of the short stories were no doubt influenced by Roger’s brilliant, award-winning work on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He was a feature writer.

He covered the courthouse beat.

He wrote editorials.

And, like all reporters, he often ran across stories that would never find their way to the pages of the newspaper.


But no proof.

Lives torn apart.

Lives that could never be put back together again.

Stories about the misfits.

The forlorn.

The drifters.

The suspects.

Never charged.

Never tried.

Just names in the wind.

They have lingered in Roger’s mind and imagination for so many years.

Now he’s bringing them to life in a series of short stories.

And, perhaps, that’s where they have always belonged.

The Ladies in the Pink Hats and My Johnny

The villages of England are filled with endearing people and their captivating stories.

Theirs are stories of involvement, warmth, humor.

Here are two.

The author has more on the way.

Heart Songs from a Washboard Road

From the pure joy of the English countryside to the captivating enchantment of New Mexico, this 11-story collection takes you on a compelling journey along the oft-bumpy roads of people you know or would like to know.

They are confronted by life-altering curves and their resilient approach to negotiating the twists and turns in their paths are at once understandable and surprising.

And now and then even blended with a refreshing bit of humor, British and otherwise.

The stories are touching and – as you travel along and at the end of the journey – will make you doubly glad you came along for the delightful ride.

The Color of Divorce

Edith Marie is finding O’Keeffe country to be her new place of the heart.

Walter is rediscovering Texas, especially wine country Texas.

Both seem to be leaving behind much of what has bound them, reaching out to new ways, new days.

Is gray divorce on the horizon for them, as it is for so many others in these times?

Find out in this fast-paced, 20-minute read from this master storyteller.

Pete the Python: The Real, Absolutely, Positively True and Exclusive Story of Pete’s Daring Escape from the Fort Worth Zoo Told Without Venom in His Honest-to-Pete Words

More than a half-century ago, a python left his place at the zoo and in so doing found his place in the hearts and thoughts of those in his community, the nation, and even the world.

For days he –or was it she? – brought those places to life.

The python’s story lives to this day. And always will.

The Kite That Touched Heaven

Kite flying is something those of all ages enjoy and understand — both the young and the young at heart.

This delightful, encouraging short story captures the hearts of all while at once offering hope.

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