Words Are The Only Gift I Can Give

Gift Boxes and BallWe face the same crisis every year.

What should we give for Christmas?

What kind of gift would people really appreciate?

Socks are out of the question.

So are underwear and ties.

I’ve had them.

I didn’t like them.

I’ve given them.

No one liked them.

I bought my wife a ring.

It didn’t fit.

I bought my son a truck.

He was too old for a truck, he said.

When he was eighteen, I bought him a car.

He wanted a truck.

So I think back to the best Christmas present I ever received.

It didn’t cost much.

I’ve used it every day of my life.

It never wears out.

It’s as appreciated today as it was the day I received it.

The gift I loved most was the gift of words.

This Christmas I want to give you my collection of words. They mean the most, last the longest, and never go out of style.

When the clothes wear out, the candy is gone, the ring has lost its shine or its meaning, the bicycle has a flat tire, the car has gone to rust, the dishes have all cracked, and the chain saw has broken a tooth, you’ll still have the words.

From me to you, I wish you:











A strong belief in yourself.

A kind word for those around you.

A smile for those you know.

A smile for those you’ve never met.

A hug for those in your life.

A hand for those who need to get up.

A pat on the back for those who tried.

A pat on the back for those who succeeded.

A pat on the back for those who failed.

A thank you for those who serve.

A tear for those who didn’t come home.

A prayer for the families who wait.

Words are the most precious gifts I can give.

And when another year has passed, and when another Christmas has come, I’ll simply pull them out and unwrap them one more time.

And then I’ll give them again.

Merry Christmas.

And God bless us every one.

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