Daily Review: Wired Dark by Toby Neal

Toby Neal’s books will captivate you with mystery and suspense while romancing you with images of beautiful Hawaii.

Paradise can’t contain a thirst for revenge.

Tech security specialist Sophie Ang returns to Maui, working alongside dynamic partner Jake Dunn to solve a series of bizarre and escalating threats against a rocker with a beach mansion.

But soon, catching a crazed stalker becomes the least of Sophie’s problems: a deadly enemy is hell-bent to take her down along with anyone she cares about.

Sophie’s very identity is tested as she grapples with issues of conscience and survival in a struggle that takes her to the edge of heartbreak, and beyond.

Toby Neal

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By F. M. Pepoon

Wired Dark is the 4th book in the Paradise Crime Series by Toby Neal, and it is one of my favorites in the series. The story picks up with our heroine, Sophie Ang, working for a private security company whose client is a celebrity with a stalker. In addition, Sophie’s murderous ex-husband has a plan to make Sophie suffer for leaving him.

The plot is thoroughly engrossing and delivers a tightly-wound, spellbinding story that pulls the reader into the dark worlds of two people who will do anything to possess the person they want.

I love this series because the heroine, Sophie Ang, is a strong, intelligent, flawed, and compelling character to whom I can relate on many levels. She has mental and physical scars from her past, and emotional entanglements that may or may not be good for her; in other words, she’s like many women in the world. Toby Neal’s background in psychology comes through clearly in her ability to create characters with depth and personality. It’s not just the protagonist, either; Neal’s antagonists and peripheral characters all feel real and could be people you know in your life.

This series, as well as Neal’s Lei Crime Series, are notable for their fast-paced, complex plots that are well-researched and realistic. Many of her stories deal with contemporary issues and this book is no different.

Domestic abuse, stalking, challenges in law enforcement are all topics explored in this story. The underlying theme of Sophie’s struggle to connect emotionally with men despite her turbulent past is again one many people will find feels true to them.

Amazon Review

By Anima Giraldez

Sophie’s love life a web of feelings and lies. Who can she trust? Her ex-husband is still out to keep her forever, by any means necessary. She’s dating a man with more than a few secrets and her partner has feelings that she refuses to acknowledge. She is fabulous at her security job and knows the workings of technology like nobody else. For her

For her skills, she is a valuable member of the team set to protect an aging rock star from a stalker. The ongoing case is intriguing to her and sometimes keeps her mind off the trouble her ex is causing. As a spin-off from the Lei Crime Series we’ve met Sophie Ang before as an FBI agent so we do get to visit her old friends Lei and Marcella.

However, this series is all about Sophie and should be read in order because her story is unique and the books are interconnecting. I would advise you not to jump into book 4 but start at the beginning. Neal’s books will captivate you with mystery and suspense while romancing you with images of beautiful Hawaii.

Neal is always a must read author.

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