Will the pain ever fade from the grieving hearts of Moore, Oklahoma?

Memorials to the tornado victims of Moore, Oklahoma. Photograph by Pam Harrell.
Memorials to the tornado victims of Moore, Oklahoma. Photograph by Pam Harrell.

Nothing I write here can come close to touching the loss of life and property that Moore, Oklahoma, suffered on May  20, 2013.

How to bear it?  A victim must feel that pain and fear fill the heart, eyes, stomach, and soul until the only possible relief is the explosion of the human body.

How to bear it?  Can a victim turn immediately to his or her faith and see a path to cope?

I hope.

I hope.

I saw the pictures on television and thought how horrible.

Nothing prepared me for the scope of devastation.  Twenty-five square miles of rubble.

It is not possible to see pictures and detail in the mind the colossal loss of property.

Block after block.

Street after street.

As we drove through the streets,  we saw people still shuffling through debris to find  pictures, important papers, and reminders of their past lives.  What they can save, if they find anything, can fit in a shoe box.

These are neighborhoods of working class Americans.  Most work and live from paycheck to paycheck.

On one heap of rubble were a few dolls hapzardly pitched on top.  Their blank eyes empty and staring.  A fearful picture of what some parents saw when their dead children were retrieved from the school.  Hurt so stifling that breathing is unbearable.

We drove by the memorial fence.  Stuffed animals, American flags, and notes are compassionate attempts to balm the pain.

Is that possible?

I hope.

I hope and pray.

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