Why should you join Book of the Moment Club?


WHY SHOULD YOU join Book of the Moment Club?

Let me count the ways.

Let’s start with ten.

  • You like to read.
  • You like really good eBooks.
  • You like really good AudioBooks.
  • You like good books written by first-rate authors.
  • You like to discover outstanding new authors.
  • You like books that are discounted.
  • You like to buy books direct from Amazon.
  • You want a curated site that allows you to find outstanding new books each day without having to scroll through the millions of books packed onto Amazon.
  • You like to be paid for buying books.
  • You like to find books on your Smart Phone or iPhone while you’re standing in line and waiting, and you’re always waiting somewhere for something. Just go to https://calebandlindapirtle.com/botm/ and bookmark the page, using the Book of the Moment Club Web Mobile Device icon on the site.

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t join Book of the Moment Club.

  • You don’t like to read.
  • You can’t read, so there’s no use reading any farther.
  • You didn’t buy aBooks, bBooks, cBooks, or dBooks, so you certainly have no use for eBooks.
  • You don’t think we’ve had AudioBooks since God sat down on the mountain and read the Bible intact to King James. 
  • You think Author was a British King who drank beer with a bunch of knights around a round table.
  • You think Amazon is a river in South America.
  • You’ve always bought books for the sole purpose of using them as doorstops.
  • You wouldn’t buy a book even if somebody paid you.
  • If you did, for whatever reason, want a book, you would prefer paying full price.
  • Discounts are for sissies.

If you do choose to join Book of the Moment Club, and we hope you do, just go to the top of this page and click the “Go Button.” It’s FREE if you like FREE, and we’ll even pay you up to $25 to buy our books. 

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