Why does your book hit the market and die?



YOU’VE SPENT YEARS working on the book that has haunted you.

You’ve polished it, had it edited by a pro, gotten a first rate cover artist to design the most beautiful cover for it on God’s green earth.

You upload it on the dashboard at Kindle Direct Publishing (“KDP”).  It goes live in a matter of hours.

You watch and wait, bite your fingernails, check your sales numbers every ten minutes.




No sales, no reviews.

Why is that no one cares about your book?

Let’s assume for purposes of this blog that the book isn’t a piece of crap.

Okay, so it’s a good book, whatever that is, and no one gives a rip about it.


Because twenty-five hundred books went live on Amazon the same day your book did.

Think about that.

Every day, day in a day out, twenty-five hundred authors have books hit Amazon for the first time.

The reason no one cares about your book is that no one knows it exists.

They don’t know you exist.

It is at this point in the blog that I become hopelessly lost.

The two big words in the book business are branding and discoverability.

branding irons
branding irons

Where, when and how these concepts intersect is the mystery.

Those who discuss branding talk about an author’s ubiquity.

I like to throw big words in every now and then.

Ubiquity means an author is everywhere. He blogs.  She works social media for hours each day.  She Tweets and FBs. She does interviews with anyone who asks, takes the assignment seriously, pours out her heart to strangers around the globe.

A couple of years ago when social media became all the rage authors believed social media would be the great leveler, the new tool that would allow them for free to scale the heights and establish their brand.

Not so.

Maybe all that social media work has an incremental effect and, baby step at a time, turns an unknown author into more of a known quantity.

The jury is still out.

But I believe it is safe to say that social media is simply one tool among others, not the be all end all.

Discoverability, I have come to understand, is really a matter of one thing.

Targeted marketing efforts.

For a person to find your book she must have it presented to her up close and personal.

It has to be waved in front of her face like a red flag at a bull in an arena.

How does that happen?

Through advertising.

Of course the rub for authors is that it is difficult to know where to spend precious dollars from an advertising budget.

What if you don’t have an advertising budget?

Please see the title of the blog.


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