Why do people unfollow me on Twitter? Some said I was guilty of stalking. I followed them.

1920X1200_Twitter-179045.JpegMore than 29,000 people follow me on Twitter @raynehall… and every day, several unfollow me. Some even tell me why. Here’s a selection of their reasons:

1. Tweets in inferior English (British).

2. I laughed at their jokes.

3. I did not laugh at their jokes.

4. I didn’t buy their books.

5. Stalking (I followed them.)

6. They saw no tweets but mine in their timeline (they weren’t actually following anyone else).

7. I had more followers than they.

8. Horses get killed in one of my books.

9. I tweeted more about my own books than about theirs.

10. By posting #writetip tweets I implied that the person’s writing needed improvement (insult).

11. They always follow and unfollow the same people as their mates.

12. Not enough commas in my tweets.

13. I declined to retweet their poetry.

14. Rayne Hall is not a real person, but a bot. Everyone knows that.

Of course, these are only the ones who gave their reasons. (“Your use of British English disgusts me! Learn proper English before you tweet!!  I unfollow!!!!”) Others didn’t allow me a glimpse into their motivations. Who knows? Even weirder reasons may lurk in their minds.

Which of these is your favourite? Tell us in a comment.

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