When football isn't about the game




Take an eighteen wheeler, ram it with deadly effect into a bus hauling members of the Texas A&M football team to a game against Baylor, and sort out why it happened.

That is the premise of The Lazarus Deception, my newest novel.

Those of you who frequent Caleb and Linda Pirtle know that we are rolling out VG Serials for the reading pleasure of thousands of people, a fresh new source of fiction, delivered a chapter at a time.

The authors writing these serials work off various models.  Some, like Caleb Pirtle, for instance, write a chapter a day.  I mean they sit down every day and write a new chapter which goes live the next day.  Others are posting a chapter at a time of books they have already completed. Some of these come out once per week, some twice, some three times.

Writers  like me are working on a hybrid approach.  My first initiation into serials was The Lazarus Deception, the second in a series of college football murder mysteries (you can read the chapters posted thus far in the book by clicking its title on the left side of this page).When I began the serial process, I had written about a third of the book, and I decided to post chapters twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays).  Part of my thinking was that I didn’t want the book to take over my entire writing schedule.

I was wrong about that.

What I found was that since the serial posts come out like clockwork, I knew that if I didn’t keep writing the book I would run out of chapters.

So, for the last couple of months every time I posted a chapter, the writing demon in my head whispered, “I’m coming to get you.”  This produced an obsession on my part. I wasn’t going to lose the race.  So whether I was trying to sleep, eating dinner, sitting at my desk at the office, driving in the car or doing any of the things normal people do in life, I had that book in the back of my mind.

Of course, that is the way books come to life.  They pester you until you let them out.  This was the same deal except on steroids.

To exorcise the demon, I finished the damned book.

That’s right. I sat down and finished it, typed the end, proof read it, sent it to Caleb for his review.

Now its’s up and running on Amazon, out there in the cold cruel world.

I can sleep again.

Oh, wait.  I have another serial coming up.

One final  word about our serial authors.  They are providing their work to you for free. But I know they would love for you to check out their books and maybe drop them a note of appreciation.  The best way to do that would be to buy something they wrote.

I would vote for that.

Click here to review (and I hope buy) The Lazarus Deception by Stephen Woodfin.


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