Daily Review: Wheels of Justice by Vickie Phelps

The novel moves through a world of violence, suspense, romance, failures, successes, and deepening faith.

When Connie Knight applies for a job at McKinney’s Fine Cars in her hometown of Redwood, Texas, she has no idea what she’s getting into. Buford McKinney is a mean, evil bully who thinks women are the ground God made for men to walk on.

The only reason she stays at McKinney’s is the fear of being without a paycheck and ending up homeless. And then there’s Rick McKinney, Buford’s son. In spite of his daddy’s contempt for Connie, Rick is attracted to her and Connie to him.

But will their feelings for each other be enough to keep Connie safe?

Just how far will Buford go to get rid of her?

Vickie Phelps

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By B. Amstutz

This was the first book by Vickie phelps that I have read and I’m so glad I found her. I loved this book. It caught me on the first page and kept me unti the last one. I absolutely loved Connie and Rick and Monica.

These characters touched my heart strings. Because of situations in my own life it brought tears to my eyes. And it was not just a romance story but there was also a suspenseful theme that kept me guessing at what was going to happen next. And on top of all that was a religious theme that tied it all together.

I heartily recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story with likeable characters. I’m going to look up other books by Vickie Phelps.

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By Lottie Guttry

The first two sentences of Wheels of Justice hook the reader to read on. Connie, divorced at 30, broke and hungry in a small West Texas town, applies for a job in an automobile dealership. Two of her high school classmates, who manage the agency, recognize Connie and immediately hire her as a receptionist.

Along with the job, they offer her financial help and friendship. Everything was perfect—almost—until Connie meets Buford, the overbearing, abusive father of her friends and owner of the business where she works. Buford dislikes her immediately, and resolves to make her life miserable. Readers identify with Connie’s problems and follow the well-written book as it moves her through violence, suspense, romance, failures, successes, and her deepening faith.

A satisfying and most enjoyable read!

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By Terry Burns

As Vickie’s former agent before I retired I love her writing and this book is no exception. A fast moving tale with characters you can’t help but identify with and in a setting I strongly relate to.

I read it straight through in one setting and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Please click HERE to find Wheels of Justice on Amazon.

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