What’s freedom all about?

On Independence Day, it’s time to sit back and appreciate the choices afforded us by the freedoms we enjoy in our American way of life.

Pray. Or don’t.

Dissent. Or don’t.

Tell of a politician. Or don’t.

Vote. Or don’t.

Go to Church. Or don’t.

Read the Bible. Or the Koran. Or neither.

Be a Republican. Or a Democrat. Or neither.

Live in the city. Or out in the wide-open spaces.

Dress up. Or dress down.

Drive a gasoline-powered vehicle. Or an electric one.

Exercise. Or lie on the couch.

Be a coach. Or a cowboy.

Appreciate the Constitution. Or ignore it.

Choices – countless, cherished choices – are ours.

Freedom, independence made it so.

Heck of a deal, no?

Roger Summers is the author of The Ladies in the Pink Hats and My Johnny. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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