What situations make you uncomfortable?

When you feel uncomfortable in life.
When you feel uncomfortable in life.

Rather than things that go bump in the night, this is about little situations that make me uncomfortable:

when I’m in the company of a couple of black people who call each other “nigger.”

when I meet a former student from 20 years ago and she says, “I had you my senior year.”

even worse, when the former student is a male.  “I beg your pardon!*%#*!”

when a sign jumps up on my monitor that says the system will shut down in 25 seconds.

when I walk my dog outside for 20 minutes to do his “business.”  Then we go inside without any business completed.

when a cashier can’t count my return change.

when I must go through endless telephone menus and the final instruction is to press “O.”

when a website tries to anticipate my question.  Then asks if it was helpful.

when the plane’s seatbelt light comes on just as I’m on my way to the facilities.

when I get directions such as “Ah, go on down yonder, around the curve, past the Bakers/bakers (?), and turn right before you get to the last bridge.”

when I ask, “Do you want me to turn left at this next intersection?”

Response: “Right.”

“Do  you mean, turn right or right/as in okay, turn left?”

when I have a conversation with someone who contradicts himself/herself in the same paragraph.  Apparently, I’m the only one listening.

when we’re out to dinner with another couple and they start trading snippy remarks.

when a well-educated person makes a blatant grammatical error.

when a person takes credit for something he/she didn’t do.  He/She knows I know the credit is undeserved.

when I receive credit for something I’ve done in a room full of peers who did nothing.  I can feel the daggers.

when someone brags on himself/herself.

when I have to ask for directions from someone who doesn’t speak English.

when I receive a call for a donation from the police department.  Does that mean my house will not be protected?  I don’t do any solicitations via the phone.

when I have to ask someone to return an item she has borrowed.

when I have to express sympathy.  I never have any words that seem appropriate.

when I meet someone who instantly recognizes me, calls me by name, and I don’t have a clue who that person is.

These are just a few.  I could go on and on about all the times I’ve unknowingly stuck my foot in my mouth.  But these are enough that you’ll probably recognize me.


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