What happens when a dead President wanders through time looking for love?

“You may have seen the future,

 But I…

I have seen the past!” — Miriam Goldberg

We use a Ouija board at work to divine the intentions of doctors with illegible handwriting.

I’m a pharmacist.

2940000720530_p0_v1_s260x420Greenberry Baxter uses a pen and a fertile imagination to divine the intentions and desires of dead Presidents. Well, one at least.

Baxter is the author.

Franklin Pierce was the fourteenth President of the United States.

In What Kind of Man…, he not only comes back to life, he travels through time to the boudoir of a lonely woman in the 21st century.

Sally Weare is predisposed by circumstances to believe what she hears and sees is real and not dreams or hallucinations.

Maybe she needs a Ouija board.

Early in the story, President Pierce sets out to show his fair lady friend what kind of man he really is.  An amazing and often hilarious chain of events and adventures results. Time-travel stories often contain warnings for the travelers to avoid actions that will affect the future. Pierce wants a chance to correct the past — and perhaps change the future — or at least our perception of his presidency.

Baxter uses an omniscient narrator to tell much of the story with dialog interspersed to help readers gain a sense of character.  The narrator’s voice is almost casual and certainly engaging. Readers can see the influence of a fine art practitioner at work crafting an enthralling story. Baxter’s story-telling skill makes it easy for us to suspend disbelief longer than prudent for such an outrageous, but fun, premise.

What Kind of Man… is not purely paranormal. It’s not chick lit for sure. Maybe a thinking reader’s adventure. It could be a paranormal romantic adventure. Whatever the genre, it’s fun and a thrilling read.

What Kind of Man… was nominated for a major award and is available on Smashwords and at Barnes and Noble.

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