What happens if your dreams become a nightmare?


The Book: The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams

The Author: Jeff Russell

A Review:

I never really know what to expect from a Jeff Russell book. I only know it will well worth reading. His imagination and his brilliance as a writer is off the charts. He moves his story in directions that are filled with secrets that intrigue us, move us, surprise us and sometimes shock us

So it is with The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams. It is a medical thriller that flirts with the distant edge of science fiction. Its plot is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Russell has created a world and dares us to enter at our own risk. Once we read the novel, we may never be quite the same again.

What if you could do the impossible?

What if you could enter a medical facility, be placed in a coma, and live your own dreams?

What if it would allow you, in your mind, to go places you’ve never been before?

What if it would allow you to do things you’ve never done before?

What if it brought peace?

What if it eased your suffering?

What if it ended your pain?

Jeff Russell
Jeff Russell

What if you thought it was your portal into a perfect world?

What if you were terribly mistaken?

What if your perfect world had horrible consequences?

What if your dreams were not as they seemed?

What if your dreams became your most frightening nightmare?

How do you escape?

Who do you trust?

And are you condemned to be imprisoned inside your dreams for the rest of your life?

Eden Perpetual Life Care may be the newest trend in medical care. It is a place of rest. You want your dreams? Perpetual Life gives them to you.

For Katrina Hammond, Perpetual Life is a place where she believes her mother can be freed from her pain. Her mind, through the miracles of medicine, is escorted into a fantasy world.

Her last days should be her best days.

But what if it all goes wrong?

What if there is no peace?

What if Katrina discovers that dreams may be a comfort to some but torment and even torture for others?

What can she do about it?

And what is the price she will be forced to pay?

Great risks have great costs.

Sometimes, you fear, you may have to pay with your life.

Such is the world created by Jeff Russell in The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams. Take a chance. Open the pages of his novel and walk into his world. You will not believe what happens before you realize you have to fight your way back out again

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