What eReader would you like Santa to bring you?


The battle of the eReading devices has reached the point of all-out, scorched-earth war this holiday season.

I have to admit that I am an eReader  hoarder.  I have two Kindles (a keyboard wi-fi model and last year’s Kindle Fire).  I received a new iPad for Father’s Day and just bought a first generation Nexus 7, which is Google’s new tablet.

Vying for the top spot in readers’ hearts this year are the new Kindle Fire HD (the old Kindle Fire is no more), the other Kindle models, the various Nooks by B&N, the iPad  mini, the Microsoft Surface, the Google Nexus 7 and 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, just to name a few. ( I had a 7-inch Galaxy Tab until someone stole it out of my car, which was parked in my driveway.  But that’s a topic for another blog.)

And, of course, there is the  full-size iPad.

I have read eBooks on a lot of different devices, but I have to say that I prefer the simplest reading experience, which I think comes from the black and white Kindles.

There is an irony in this because the thing about that simple, straight-forward reading vibe is that it is the  one that  most reminds me of reading a paper book.

I know what you are about to say.

If you like the reading experience that  most closely  mimics a print book, why don’t you just buy a paperback and be done with it?

Because I love a lot of other things about eReaders that paper books can’t offer.

The main things I like about eReaders are:

1. Readability.  In this category, I put at the top of my list the adjustable font size. It’s a life-saver for old eyes.  I like the ability to take notes on the fly, too, because I can aggregate these notes in one place and look back at them when it comes time to write a review.

2. Portability.  This speaks for itself.  It is no longer necessary to carry a bag full of books with me. Even though I have Kindle for PC on all my computers, I still prefer the ability to sit in my favorite chair to read a book.

3. Shopping ease.  I often come across books by Indie authors that sound like fun reads.  With a Kindle, I can have the book in front of me in minutes.  Price also comes into play.  I have bought many a fine book for less than five dollars on my Kindle, when I used to have to pay $20 or more for a print book.

Some readers like the bells and whistles that the more high-end eReaders provide. Now a whole world of music, movies, magazine and newspaper are at our fingertips. I haven’t entered that phase yet.  For me, an eReader is a reading device, not an entertainment center. But I understand completely the attraction of these other features.

So, my friends out there, what eReader do you want Santa to put under the tree for you this year?

(Stephen Woodfin is an attorney and author who writes legal thrillers.  You can subscribe to his Caleb and Linda Pirtle blog on your Kindle by clicking here.)




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