What do I know about plots?


Come join us on October 1 for the Fred A. Tarpley Writers Conference. With Jim Ainsworth and Revis Z. Wortham speaking, you’ll be glad you came.

I have the distinct honor and privilege of speaking next Saturday, October 1, at the Fred A. Tarpley Memorial Writers Conference in Wolfe City, Texas.  Check in is nine o’clock. The conference is being sponsored by the Silver Leos Writers Guild from Commerce.

What will I speak about?


What do I know about plots?

We’ll all find out on Saturday.

I am joining two of the finest writers I know on the platform.

Jim H. Ainsworth will be speaking on Discover, imagine and develop characters. He is an award-winning author and a true storyteller, weaving places, personalities and personal experiences into nine novels, a story collection, a memoir, four business books, and hundreds of newspapers, magazines, Blog stories and Articles.

Fred Tarpley said of Jim’s work, “Jim Ainsworth plumbs the depth of Southern and Texas fiction in his quintessential style. Skillfully treading the line between fiction and truth, he writes about characters he has known, places he has been, and paths he has traveled.”

His newest book is His Way:

The small Texas town of Riverby is on the road to recovery from scandals and corruption that led to the murder of their beloved sheriff when the wife of an eccentric professor commits suicide. During a somber graveside service, her deviant son pushes the elderly funeral director into his mother’s open grave.

When the town’s stately funeral home is destroyed by fire and a small girl’s party dress is discovered in an abandoned shack, Riverby’s survival seems threatened. Then a stranger steps off a train and hobbles across a field to free a man from a trap just in time to save his hand and possibly his life. The Circle of Hurt takes in this obscure and enigmatic stranger with the intention of helping him, but it is The Circle and the town that receives help. The chain of dark events is not broken, but light begins to triumph over darkness.


Reavis Z. Wotham, the luncheon speaker, will talk about “On Writing.” He is a two-time Spur Award recipient whose heart lived on a small farm owned by his grandparents in the small community. It is this part of rural Texas where the retired public teacher publishes his first novel, in the Texas Red River Mystery series. The Rock Hole.

With The Sonny Hawk Series, Wortham transitioned from mystery to thriller.  He demands authenticity in his work whether through setting or dialogue.

His latest book is Laying Bones:

It’s January 1969 in the small rural community of Center Springs, Texas. Constable Ned Parker suspects a larger mystery behind the seemingly accidental death of his nephew, R .B., who was found in his overturned pickup near Sanders Creek bridge. It appears that R. B. drowned in the shallow water, but something doesn’t add up for Ned, who begins turning over stones in search of what really happened the night R. B. died.

The mystery leads Ned to the Starlite Club, a dangerous honky-tonk recently constructed in a no-man’s land on the Lone Star side of the Red River. His investigations there uncover suspicious characters, drugs, and gambling, but even more troubling are a series of murders that seem designed to eliminate anyone who might know what really happened to R. B. on that cold January night.

As he works his way through the cover-up, Ned lands himself in a high-stakes game of consequences with no good end in sight. Are the good citizens of Center Springs conspiring against Constable Parker in his search for the truth?


My presentation on Plots: Don’t Cross the Wrong Bridge will wind up the conference. My latest novel, as so many of you know, is Eulogy in Black and White:

Death Stalks a Small Town.

Magnolia Bluff waits.

With apprehension.

With dread.

With terror.

May twenty-third is coming.

Somebody always dies on May twenty-third.


No one knows.

A killer walks in the shadows.

The killer is ready to strike again.

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