What are the Top Five Future Bestselling Titles on Kindle?


Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang






Last week, I came across a list of the top ten niches on Kindle put out by Ryan Deiss at DigitalMarketer.com.

Some of these may surprise you.

Number 1.  Romance

Number 2.  Erotica

Number 3.  Food and Cooking

Number 4.  Puzzles and Games

Number 5.  Relationships and Dating

Number 6.  Personal Development

Number 7.  Business and Moneymaking

Number 8.  Parenting and Child-Rearing

Number 9.  Religion and Spirituality

Number 10.  Current Events

So, with this information in hand, I decided to make a list of Five Sure-Fire Future Bestselling Titles on Kindle.  My methodology was simple.  I would combine 1 and 10, 2 and 9, 3 and 8, 4 and 7 and 5 and 6.

My Top Five Future Sure-Fire Bestselling Titles on Kindle.

1.  Combo of Romance and Current Events: The Secret  Correspondence of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney 

2. Combo of Erotica and Religions and Spirituality:  I’ll Scratch your Yin if You’ll Scratch my Yang

3. Combo of Food and Cooking and Parenting and Child-Rearing:  Billy, If You don’t Get out of the Kitchen, I’ll Cram a Hamburger Up your Rear End

4. Combo of Puzzles and Games and Business and Money-Making:  Bingo, I Screwed Another Investor

5. Combo of Relationships and Dating and Personal Development: How I plan to get a date once I become better-looking

All the world needs now are some authors to write these blockbusters.

Are you ready to start writing?

If not, maybe you can suggest some other sure-fire hit titles.


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