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HAVE YOU EVER STALLED and dragged your feet over something you know you need, and even want, to do?

Recently, I did exactly that. I stalled and dragged by feet over the idea of opening an Etsy store. It would be another place sell my “Truth 4 Today” inspirational words and prints.

Finally after stalling for months, I took a few weeks off from other projects and did it. Then I abandoned it. It just sat there. Nothing happened at all.

One day I listened again, and realized that all the work I had put into it was going to waste. I knew I could do it if I planned it better, so I decided to add one print a day.

I was very organized. I put the information I would need for each print into a Scrivener project. That made it easy to copy and paste the information that was the same for each print.

One thing that every print needs – okay everything that is selling on the Internet needs – is a good set of tags, or search terms, so that it can be found.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

I had a good set of tags. I copied and pasted. And waited. I noticed a few prints had a couple of views but others didn’t have any at all. “I’m new there,” I reasoned.

One morning I copied and pasted the tags and then noticed something. There was a button that said ADD.

Good lord. I was copying and pasting and saving, thinking all was well. But in reality, without adding the tags it was if I had left all the lights off in my store.

The one key thing to make all the work actually work – I had missed.

Of course, this is the point.

I wondered if I had missed the one key thing to make that work, what other key point was I missing? I realized that it was probably happening in every event in my life so I started paying a bit more attention.

The next day, in a stretch pose in Pilates class, I asked myself, “What key point am I missing here?” And listened. I noticed a small thing. I had to pull my hip back instead of letting it roll forward. Even though it was a tiny bit, it was keeping the stretch from working completely.

Once I started this idea, I tried to listen at least once a day to the answer. Sometimes the answer to the key point question arrived when I least expected it, like one rainy day.

It had been a dry summer. Although it rained a few times they were hard rains, pouring rains. There was no time for the earth to soften and receive the water, so it rolled off within a few days, and the ground was dry again.

On this day, it was raining a soft gentle rain. I had been reading Tom Brown’s book called Grandfather. The book is filled stories about the way Grandfather learned lessons about what he called the Spirit that moves through all things.

Spirit teaches the same way that a soft rain renews the landscape.

It gives us time to open up and receive. Sometimes lessons roll off because we are too hardened in our belief systems to learn them. Or too busy to be still and listen.

The idea of asking, “what key point am I missing here,” is like being open to the soft rain. We soften, allowing in ideas, and following them one little step at a time.

When we soften, let go, and listen, we discover that life is not a competition. Life is about merging into the feeling of being part of the whole.

The gentle rain brings the one key element need for the landscape’s next transformation. In the same way, those gentle spiritual “one key point at a time” lessons transform our being over time.

Grandfather was a master at asking Spirit and then listening for the answer. We might not ever be masters at this, but we can desire to be an apprentice. We too can learn there is no right or wrong, just the Truth and many different paths leading there.

No matter which path we are on, we can ask “What’s a key point I am missing?”

We can pause, listen for the answer, and then take action as directed.

In doing so we are pressing the ADD button. A dash of salt improves the flavor of food. When we add a bit more gratitude and awareness, with a dash more action, the flavor of Life improves for us.

Are things better over at Etsy? A bit. I am still new there. But I am still listening, and learning one key point at a time, and pressing the ADD button more often.

Beca Lewis is the author of Say Yes to What Moves You.


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