What are the five best Indie books you’ve come across in 2013?

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The blogosphere is flooded with reports of the inroads Indie books are making in the world of publishing.

As I am using the term Indie books, I simply mean books published by someone or some entity other than a major New York publishing house. Of course, that “Indie” line is fuzzier now that Amazon is also a publisher with a half-dozen or more imprints.  But to keep it simple, I will include the Amazon imprints as “Indies” for purposes of this post.

Here we are already into the second quarter of 2013.  Since the first of the year, I am sure that many of you have taken the opportunity to read a number of books, many of them Indie.


The strange thing about the new world of publishing is that even though digital publishing has done much to level the playing field for Indie authors, and even though there are Indie writers selling many, or at least quite a few, books, Indie authors by and large remain hidden except to their fans.

This is strange because as best as I can tell name recognition is biased against Indie writers. I am sure part of the reason for this is that major publishers have done a good job branding the authors that have sold lots of books for them.

This has resulted in a stratified book world where the “name brand” writers are the same as always despite the good track record of sales of some Indies.

In other words, it’s hard for an author to become a household word nowadays.  That distinction seems to be reserved to those who made it under the old regime.

To be sure there are a few exceptions, but not many.  And certainly not enough to create a list of star Indie writers comparable to the old list.

So, why don’t we do something about that?

The best way I know to address the issue is for readers (and writers are readers, too) to speak up about the Indie writers who have come to be their go-to writers, the authors whose works they love, whose new releases they anticipate.

They used to call this word of mouth buzz.  Now with the Internet, I guess it is word of blog buzz.

I am leaving this strictly up to you.

Here’s the assignment.

In the comments, please list the five best Indie books you’ve come across this year.  I am not limiting it to books published in 2013, just books you have discovered in 2013.

If you want to go a step beyond that, tell me how much you paid for the book and where you bought it.

Let’s make some Indie authors household names.


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