What are the advantages of eBooks?

Sample chapters of books found at online eRetailers are great ways to be introduced to a new book or author.

One of the things I have noticed is that a lot of people do not want to read an eBook. I do understand this to an extent, but for me, I love reading and so much that I will use anything to get my eyeballs on a good story. I love the physical books, I love bookstores and the smell of an old book.

However, there is a definite place for eBooks, and here are five things I love about eBooks.

No. 5: Portability

Pretty much explains itself. You can pack a lot of books on your cell phone or tablet. I love a physical book as much as the next person. I collect them. But are you headed out of the country? A long road trip? Or just want to go out in the yard and slip into a hammock and read? An eBook makes a great option. Not to mention if something happens to your device, your books are still safe and sound on your account. No connection? That’s not a problem either as long as you have downloaded your book.

You can switch from device to device, and your reading will always be there. Did you read on the phone while traveling by bus and now that you are home, you want to read on your tablet? Your place is marked, and you’ll pick back up right where you left off.

No. 4: Price

eBooks are generally less expensive than a physical book. I pay around $7.99 for an eBook that would cost me twelve bucks or more at the bookstore unless I find it used. If the author is new, you can get eBooks for free and as low as 99 cents. A cost of $2.99 to $3.99 seems to be a common range.

No. 3: Sampling

Unless you go to the bookstore and they have the book you want, you generally do not get a sample of that book. But with an eBook, most authors offer you a taste of their work. You can get a chapter or two, maybe less at times, but it’s generally enough to see if you are going to like the book. It’s a great way to be introduced to a new book or author.

No. 2: Reviews

It is much easier to read what other people think before you purchase a book. In today’s world, everything gets reviewed online. Yes, even a physical book will have reviews. A traditionally published author, if they are popular, will have their book sent out to advanced readers well before the book was published. Most authors do this but the chance of a new independent author having thousands of other readers at the time of release is thin.

But still, reviews are a great way to check and see if you are going to like the book as well. You could do this in a bookstore, on your phone, or tablet, but the convenience of doing it at your computer at home in your comfy clothes is another advantage.

No. 1: Cheetos stains

Yes, Cheetos stains. Have you never eaten Cheetos while reading, or other chips? What happens when you turn the page. Oh yes, Margaret, you have stained your brand-new book. With an eBook, you do not have this problem. All you need is a lens cleaner and you Cheetos stains are gone.

So raise your tankards, snatch up some Cheetos and grab an eBook.

Mike Wigington

Mike Wigington is the author of Shadows of Wychering. You can find the fantasy novella Here on Amazon.

The forest always seems darker…when people are missing.

Rumors of dark magic and demons abound in Wychering Wood. Ameline Harsent and a small group are sent to investigate the dark forest. Nothing goes as planned.

Can Ameline save the man she loves in time?

Or will Wychering Wood claim more victims?

Shadows of Wychering – a fantasy novella is set in the Corvarix Age. Magic thrives, kings rule, and Wychering Wood is claiming lives.

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