What about romance? It’s a mystery to me.

It was a nice little romance between a con man and a beautiful woman when a gunshot rings out in the night.

I write thrillers. And mysteries.

At least, they are intended to be thrillers of mysteries.

Somebody’s afraid. Somebody’s in danger. Somebody always dies.

So what was I doing writing a romance? Beats me. I had never written one before and had only read a scattered few.

That didn’t matter. I sat down and wrote the first words of Back Side of the Moon. It was Doc Miller’s story. I knew it from the first page.

He was a con artist, a charlatan, a flim-flam man, traveling the back roads during the Great Depression of the 1930s, drifting and grifting and creating whatever magic he could to wind up with a fistful of dollars.

He came to Ashland, a small town dying in East Texas, promising to find oil and end everyone’s financial misery. Doc was colorful. He was charismatic. He had a silver tongue. He had the persuasive powers of a tent revival evangelist.

He would carry the book. That’s what I thought.

I was wrong.

By the end of chapter two, the story belonged to Eudora Durant.

She was strong. She was fiercely independent. She suffered from being married to an abusive man. He slapped her around. He took the money she earned selling eggs to pay for a night of pleasure at the only business in town making money – a brothel.

Eudora was a survivor. She took the story away from Doc and never gave it back.

As the blurb reads:

Ashland in the 1930s is dying on the vine. Hard times have made it a virtual ghost town. But Doc Bannister comes into town with a homemade doodlebug machine and says he can find oil and make them all rich. Is he a con artist? Or is he a miracle man? When he drills on the farm of Eudora Durant, does he find oil, or does he find love? And what will happen to Ashland if his promises are all lies?

A town’s future hangs in the balance.

So does the future of a woman, one whose heart has been broken too many times.

Will she find love?


After all, Back Side of a Blue Moon is a romance.

But wait a minute. There’s a gunshot in the night.

Somebody falls.

Somebody dies.

What’s going on here? What happens?

It’s a mystery to me.

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