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Discover the secrets of a deadly little town when authors James R. Callan, Charles Breakfield, Rox Burkey, and Richard Schwindt tell you about their books in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles on an archived edition at Indie Book Source Meet the Authors Podcast.

You’ve probably never been there.

Magnolia Bluff is not on the beaten path.

It’s a small town in the Texas Hill Country.

Good folks.

Eccentric characters.

They fight with each other and for each other.

And no one has unearthed all the secrets buried in the town.

Magnolia Bluff is the creation of ten members of the loosely knit Underground Writers who have come together to develop a  mystery and suspense series about their fictional town.

CW Hawes released book one, Death Wears A Crimson Hat, followed by Eulogy in Black and White by Caleb Pirtle III, and The Great Peanut Butter Conspiracy by Cindy Davis.

The authors of books four, five, and six in the series were featured on the Meet the Authors Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter. You can now view an archived edition of the show.

They are James R. Callan with the newest release, You Won’t Know How … Or When, as well as the writing team of Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey, whose The Flower Enigma will be out in August, and Richard Schwindt, who will be releasing The Shine from a Girl in the Lake in September.

Come join them.

Find out what’s going on in Magnolia Bluff.

A beautiful little town.

A deadly little town.

Be glad it’s only a figment of their imaginations.

You Won’t Know How … Or When

On day one of Father Frank’s first vacation in four years, a man says to him, “I’m gonna kill you.”

Then suddenly, the threat of violence includes another person. Now, Father Frank knows something must be done. But since the threat came via the confessional, he can’t tell the police. He can’t even tell the other person who is in danger. Father Frank is pretty much on his own.

And to make matters worse, all this happens in Magnolia Bluff, a beautiful Texas Hill Country town, but a place Father Frank has just come to visit. He doesn’t know the people; he doesn’t know the town, and he certainly doesn’t have a clue who is issuing the threat.

His vacation hasn’t started well, and if he can’t stop this man from killing, it will end suddenly – and much worse.

The Flower Enigma

JJ and Jo find the ideal spot to get away from their busy work lives—Magnolia Bluff Texas offers Flower Bed & Breakfast as a quaint country location within the beautiful Hill Country.

They pull up to the picturesque building only to discover a crowd of citizens is anxiously awaiting a special podcast to start. Flower B&B is the sponsor of today’s show. The couple works through the crowd and checks in, only to learn that a cyber-attack may prevent the show from airing.

JJ, a technology guru is convinced by his girlfriend to help the group. While he’s working on the issue, Jo spots a girl in the crowd with fear in her eyes who flashes the international help sign. The girl vanishes after she’s spotted in a crowd. Fearful young girls signaling for help strikes too close to home for Jo.

Their romantic vacation becomes a journey from one issue to the next as they help the evangelizing podcasters only to discover the risks are multiplying. Threats expand to include all the podcasters, the show location owners, and suspected missing teens. JJ and Jo assemble the necessary clues to convince the local authorities this is a bigger problem but it places them both in harm’s way. It becomes personal when they are attacked.

This vacation isn’t even close to plan. Who will survive and who will not?


The Shine from a Girl in the Lake

A young woman is found dead, floating in the reservoir.

As an elusive and sadistic murderer emerges to terrorize the faculty and students of Burnet College, suspicion falls on Dr. Michael Kurelek, clinical psychologist and archer.

Tormented by grief, and a secret that could destroy his academic standing, he is determined to turn the tables.

Someone in Magnolia Bluff is killing without remorse, but Kurelek is now the hunter.


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