Welcome to Here Comes A Mystery

Forget the genre. It’s not important.  We believe every great story has a mystery.

And this is how it begins again.

I learned this business with Venture Galleries.

But we say farewell to Venture Galleries.

It was full of hope.

It was full of promise.

We spent our days promoting great books by great indie authors.

That hasn’t changed.

We still do.

But we have a new focus.

Welcome to Here Comes a Mystery.

When I began this journey, I was the only writer in the house.

Now there are two.

I wrote mysteries and noir thrillers.

Linda came along to write cozy mysteries.

She has two of them: The Mah Jongg Murders and Deadly Dominoes.

She’s sailing along on a third.

So it’s only natural that we devote our new Website to mysteries.

But forget the genre.

It’s not important.

We believe every great story has a mystery.


Will the boy get the girl of his dreams?

Will the girl find the love she’s always wanted?

Will someone else steal her heart?

Will he be left stranded at the altar?

It’s a mystery to me.

Science Fiction?

Who is the evil genius whose ruling hand guides the evil planet?

Will the astronaut reach his destination or die in space?

Will the survivors who land beyond the rings of Jupiter be able to colonize an unfamiliar and unfriendly terrain and find a home?

Will the meteorite crash on earth and destroy mankind?

It’s a mystery to me.

Historical fiction?

Will a woman, abandoned and alone, be able to save her ranch?

What happens when a drought sweeps its deadly wind across the plains, and farmlands are burned by the sun?

Can the stranger in town find oil to break the back of the Great Depression, or is he nothing more than a flim flam man trying to steal the last dollars they have?

Will the American agent be able to smuggle Jewish orphans to freedom before the Gestapo find them and condemn them to a death camp?

Where did the jazz singer come from, and is that a mob boss who has come to hear her sing?

It’s a mystery to me.


Who is the stranger come to town?

Is he a vigilante?

A bounty hunter?

Is he the law?

Or the outlaw?

Someone is bound to die.

But who?

Someone wants revenge.


It’s a mystery to me.

Linda and I discovered the secret to our existence a long time ago.

Life is a mystery.

Each day is a mystery.

Each decision you make is a mystery.

So for us, a new day has begun.

We will miss Venture Galleries.

But what happens next?

We can only wonder.

It’s a mystery to us.

Please click HERE to purchase The Mah Jongg Murders.

Please click HERE to purchase Secrets of the Dead.

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