Wednesday Sampler: The Devil’s Liege by Danielle DeVor


In our mission to connect readers, writers, and books, Caleb and Linda Pirtle is showcasing some of the best authors in the marketplace today. Wednesday’s Sampler features an excerpt from The Devil’s Liege, an urban fantasy from Danielle DeVor, a novel populated by a vampire or two.

 As one reviewer said: Overall, there’s a bit of adventure, a dash of mystery, and some demon-esque creatures that give this novel just the right amount of edge. It’s not overly gruesome, or horrific, but there are plenty of vivid scenes and dark imaginings to tantalize the mind. 

The Story

Being a vampire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be- in fact, it kind of sucks.

After surviving his duel with Lilith, Mathias thought that he could relax. That is until he discovers that, Nossy, the new king, has been kidnapped.

When the investigating vampires seem to have no clue how to rescue Nosferatu, Mathias must step in. Everything is peachy until Mathias is named the next new king in order to stop the man behind Nossy’s kidnapping from taking over the throne.

Suddenly, his life is not his own again, and Mathias must make a choice: risk his life to find his friend, or sit back and watch disaster unfold.

The Sampler

Danielle DeVor
Danielle DeVor


The voice was near to his ear and seemed breathy. Sleep was his friend. He hunkered down further into his pillow. The darkness was a comfort to him. Safe.

“Thias.” It was closer this time—right next to his ear. He didn’t want for this to be real, prayed that it wouldn’t be.

Snick. Snick.

Mathias jerked awake. His heart hammered in his chest. He looked around the room. Everything was where it was supposed to be. It was still too fancy for Mathias with the polished wood, the gold brocade curtains and the velvet chair next to the window with his stack of books beside it. Nothing was wrong. There was no insane woman about to cut him with a pair of rusty shears. With his eyes the way they were now, with his vampire’s ability to see in the dark, he didn’t need to reach over and turn on the light. He could see everything perfectly. It must have been a dream. At least, Mathias hoped that’s what it was.

There was no one in his room but himself. “Fuck.”

He closed his eyes for a minute and sighed. Ever since he’d killed Nic, the sorcerer who had caused him to become a vampire, Mathias had been dreaming about her and the past. It honestly was something he wished he could forget.

Lilith, the former Queen, had tried to kill him just so he couldn’t tell the vampire world about the horrible things she’d done to him in a past life. She’d cultivated this kind and generous persona that wasn’t really like her at all. It wasn’t Mathias’ fault that Vlad had chosen to cross him over into a vampire. Being a vampire hadn’t been his choice. Hell, he would have rather had his parents back, but he guessed fate was just one of those things.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand. Along with the dreams, he’d been breaking out in cold clammy sweats. Why the dreams were happening now, he didn’t know. It would have made more sense for them to happen after Nossy had killed Lilith, his mother, but maybe his brain was still being stupid. It wouldn’t surprise him.

He got up, walked across the room to the window, and pushed the plush red brocade curtain out of the way. Staying with Vlad again was weird. The room was just too fancy. He preferred Nossy’s clutter. It felt more homey somehow. But, with Nossy being king, it was easier for Mathias to stay with Vlad. He understood that. He just wished things were less complicated.

Outside, the frost on the ground was so thick that it made the grass look almost white. That was Siberia.  Winter came early here. Snow had been hitting the ground in intervals since October, with it now being November, well, the frost was a little bit of an improvement. That meant it wasn’t as cold today.

He wrapped his wings around himself and sat down in the chair next to the window. It was still weird to have wings. They were longer than he was in order to support him in the air. They weren’t unlike the wings of a fruit bat, sort of. The glass reflected what Mathias still viewed as his new face. His brown hair was still long, his blue eyes were still jaded, but he was big now.

Part of him still expected to see that fifteen-year-old kid in the mirror. Needless to say, the last year had been one hell of an experience. He looked at the bookcase opposite his chair, but nothing sparked his interest enough. Still, no sense in trying to go back to sleep now. The dreams would just start again. Mathias just wanted to rest, but his mind had other ideas.

He leaned over the side of the chair and picked up the book he’d left on the floor. It wasn’t a fun read, but necessary. It was an old tome about ancient fighting techniques. Mathias thought that if he could learn about how the old techniques were taught, then maybe, he could rectify everything he remembered from the past with that things were like now. He sighed. His plan wasn’t working very well if his dreams were any indication. He didn’t want to remember more ofher. It was getting to the point that when he saw a woman with long black hair, he’d have to suppress a shudder. Not normal at all.

He let the book fall into his lap and stared out the window again. The frigid scenery was something better to focus on.

I’m tired of being alive.

The thought just kind of popped into his head, unwarranted and unwelcome. He hadn’t even been thinking, not really. He’d actually been trying not to think. But, he had to admit to himself, it was true in a way. The stress of his “testing” by Lilith, trying to remember who he was, and then finally getting his revenge on Nic kind of took the wind out of his sails. There was nothing left to look forward to now.  People who wanted to live forever had no idea how boring it was. And hell, in this life, he was only sixteen. It probably would have been better if he’d never remembered his past at all.

He drummed his claws against the book, softly though, so as to not damage it. Suicide wasn’t an option. Being a vampire, he wasn’t very easy to kill and it wasn’t like he could cut off his own head. He didn’t think he could at least. It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. So, he was stuck like this—probably forever. No wonder all the vamps he knew were fucking nuts.

This never ending existence was the very reason he never wanted to be a vampire. The only things he had that meant anything to him were Nossy and Vlad. Too bad they weren’t enough. What he really wanted, and what he didn’t want to admit, was that he just wanted someone to take care of him. His pride wouldn’t let him ask for it.

* * * * *

Tallus stroked the parchment lovingly. This was his child after a sort. The candlelight made the parchment glow slightly golden. It was perfect. True, it had been a great expense to have the document forged, but that was no matter. Not when he’d have it all. Then, expenses would be something he had no reason to fret with.

He chuckled at the cost.

Some paid much more than others. The one who performed this forgery had paid the most.  He was now lying underneath several layers of ice—all covering his head. It was a great loss, but Tallus was willing to bear the guilt of the sacrifice. It was all for the greater good after all.

He lowered the parchment to the table. When she had been around, none of this was possible. Lilith had always been so … suspicious. He didn’t dare try to act on anything then. In fact, he was always careful to be thinking of things not related to his try for the throne in her presence. It was safer that way.

Tallus grinned. Her death had made things so much easier. Without her paranoia to make him hide in the shadows, he had everything he needed for his plan to work. In contrast, Nosferatu was an easy mark. He was too trusting, and sadly, the King thought Tallus was his ally. That was likely his first mistake. For being as old as he was, Nosferatu really was rather naive.

He picked the parchment up off the table and kissed it. It was all so perfect. Soon, the plan could begin. He couldn’t wait.

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