Wednesday Sampler: Best Served Cold by Tawdra Kandle


In our mission to connect readers, writers, and books, Caleb and Linda Pirtle is showcasing some of the best authors in the marketplace today. Wednesday’s Sampler features an excerpt from Best Served Cold by Tawdra Kandle, a novel of love, humiliation, and revenge.

As one reviewer said: Who doesn’t love a good revenge story? Especially when the vengeance seems so deserved? Julia is publicly humiliated and dumped by her boyfriend Liam, and decides with her best friend Ava that revenge will be the best cure for her hurt. Her plan seems to be brilliant, until she meets the charming Jesse, who is everything that Liam wasn’t. What is more important – getting even or moving on?

The Story

Sometimes revenge is your only choice. . .

Julia worked for weeks planning the perfect surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Liam, but that night, she was the one who got the biggest shock. He broke up with her in front of all their friends, humiliating her in the process.

Clearly revenge was in order.

The plan is simple. Make him jealous, win him back, and then crush his heart. Fair is fair. However, there is one little hiccup and he has curly brown hair and dimples.

Jesse is everything she wants. With him, she could almost forget her bruised heart. Almost. Julia has one choice: let Liam walk away after everything he did, or lose a chance at love in pursuit of payback.

The Sampler

Tawdra Kandle
Tawdra Kandle

Dr. Lamott, who taught my last class on Fridays, had a tendency to run late, and I was anxious to get to my car and head for work once he finally dismissed us. Focused on that goal, I almost didn’t see my ex-boyfriend as he stepped into my path.


I careened to a halt, and the girl walking too close behind me smashed into my back. She favored me with a scowl and a muttered expletive.

Glancing up at Liam’s face, I made to step around him, assuming he hadn’t actually meant to make me almost trip. But he shot out an arm and stopped me.

“Julia, please. I just want to talk to you for a minute.”

I blew out a breath. A cold front had moved in the night before, ending our one day of near-spring, and the last thing I wanted to do was linger in the frigid air and shoot the bull with Liam Bailey.

“I’m late.” I blurted out and then cringed. I wanted to be smooth and scornful, but instead I sounded ridiculous.

“For what? Your next class?” Liam dropped my arm and stuck his hands into the pockets of his coat.

“No, for work. I need to be at Dr. Fleming’s house in twenty minutes. My last class ran long.” I sidestepped off the path. “So I’ll have to catch you later.”

“Wait a second, I’ll walk with you.” He fell into step with me, and I rolled my eyes. All I had wanted out of this day was the chance to get through it and focus on my upcoming date with Jesse. I didn’t plan to think about Liam all day. But here he was.

“What do you want, Liam?” This time I was able to affect disinterest and impatience, and I smiled a little in self-congratulation.

“I just wanted to talk to you. I know I don’t have any right–”

“No, you don’t. That’s one thing we’ll agree on.”

His jaw tightened, and I recognized the expression of discomfort. Good.

“Julia, I’m worried about you. I haven’t seen you around for a while, and then–”

“Oh, geez, let me think, why haven’t you seen me around for a while? Seems like I used to see you quite a bit. Oh, that’s right. You were my boyfriend. And you broke up with me. And didn’t tell me. Until you had your arm down some slut’s shirt, groping her in front of all of our friends. Yeah, it’s coming back to me now.”

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