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John Jakes
John Jakes

Hoptor the Vintner, by authoritative denials, confirms himself to be no more than a thief, panderer, and peddler of influence of the most dubious sort. He claims, however, to be “an honest man if nothing else.” Hoptor then proceeds to take on the role of narrator and tells us “at last, the true account of the calamitous destruction of the Great Island Kingdom” of Atlantis.

Readers are quick to discover that the narrator/host is a “vintner” involved in the trade of more than just wine. In fact, his role of vintner is simply a euphemism for his real product. In the first chapter we overhear a negotiation for a particular vintage characterized as possessing “a certain vigor when savored to the full.” Then in addition, the buyer requests “a vintage of delicious bite.” Hoptor’s response, “a redhead.”

9135_600Hoptor has been busy over the last few years and has numerous contacts, most of whom owe him favors or allegiance or both. Herewith is the source of the title, Mention My Name in Atlantis, for the mere mention of our influential narrator’s name is sufficient to gain admittance or receive favor. Shortly, Hoptor and his vintage amorous auburn Atlantian encounter the head of the corrupt island king’s corrupt army, General Pytho, and the chase is on.

Along the way to the apocalypse of Atlantis, Hoptor et al add to their entourage a giant (Conax) from out of town and space aliens whose actions would be a plot spoiler. Our vintner friend proves to be a smooth-talking salesman of the purest ethical standards, but knows that “sometimes truth must be adjusted to suit a higher purpose.”

Author, John Jakes, yes, THE John Jakes of North and South fame dedicated his 1972 venture into the science fiction fantasy genre to Robert E. Howard. We found our vintage paperback at a garage sale for less than two dollars. Attention-getting cover art by H.J. Bruck helped this 142 page tome jump off the shelf and into my re-used Walmart bag. Jakes’ take on the demise of Atlantis is an entertaining read for those familiar with the genre as well as newbies like myself. Mention My Name in Atlantis is available on Amazon as both a paperback and a mass market paperback.


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