Want your book recognized? Enter a contest.

Notice how the award winning badge gives the novel prestige and recognition.
Notice how the award winning badge gives the novel prestige and recognition.

AUTHORS FACE SEVERAL CHALLENGES that come disguised as problem and are always fraught with frustration.

We publish a new novel.

We love the story.

Our characters come alive every time they open their mouths.

The plot is dynamic.

The subplots are intriguing.

We think the cover is dynamite.

And we dutifully place the novel on Amazon and the other eBook retailers.

Who cares?

Besides friends and family, who even knows about it?

Our novel is among the thousands of books published each day.

Our novel is among the hundreds of thousands of books that stock the Internet shelves of Amazon and Kobo and Barnes & Noble.


And here are the questions an author faces.

How can you get your book discovered?

How can you get your book recognized?

How can your book achieve a certain amount of notoriety?

What makes your book better than its competitors?

What makes your book stand out in a crowd?

If a reader has a choice, and readers always do, why would he or she buy your book instead of someone else’s?

There is an answer.


Maybe you should enter the novel in contests.

Maybe you need that classy, prestigious badge on the cover that says, Hey, my book was good enough to be recognized, admired, and rewarded.
The East Texas Writers Guild is sponsoring a First Chapter Contest that ends June 5, with winners being announced during the middle of June.

It’s easy to enter. Just click here for all the details:

Enter by June 5th!

There are two categories:

Category One is for a novel that has been published between January 1, 2014 and June 5, 2015.

Category Two is for a novel that has not been published nor accepted for publication. It does not have to be a completed novel.

When you enter, just send in the first 1,000 to 1,500 words of the first chapter.

All genres are accepted.


Prestigious Book Award Badges will be given to the first, second, and third place winners, as well as to five finalists and to ten semi-finalists.

The digital badges can be placed on the covers of eBooks, printed and placed on the covers of paper books, and added to your Website.

Now you have a chance for your book to be recognized, and that’s critical.

In addition, book reviews will be written for the top three winners.

The writing competition is a way to make sure you book does indeed stand out from the crowd.

Think you can win?

Enter today.

And every author who places his novel amidst the thousands of competitors on Amazon believes he or she has written a winner.

The East Texas Writers Guild is giving you a chance to prove it.

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