Want to connect a great writer with a great book? We have them. The Authors Collection.


We have a job to do.

It’s a job we like a lot.

At Caleb and Linda Pirtle, our goal from day one has been to connect writers, readers, and books.

That, to us, is the great literary triumvirate.

Connecting the past to the present.
Connecting the past to the present.

In today’s circles, with digital publishing changing the landscape, we have long realized that readers and writers were both in a quandary about books.

They have become disconnected from each other.

Writers are producing some really good books.

They’re having trouble finding the readers.

Readers are looking for some really good books.

They can’t find the authors, not the right authors anyway.

Bookstores have lost their luster.

More bookstores are closing their doors everyday.

Print books are on life support.

EBooks are taking the literary world by storm.

But readers keep asking the same question.

There are 700,000 or more writers running lose out there in the hinterlands.

Good books.

Bad books.

Great books.


But where can I separate the wheat from the chaff?

Once upon a time, we would spend hours in bookstores, wandering from one shelf to another – the mysteries here, the thrillers there, historical fiction just around the corner, romance in the corner, and World War II occupied a whole wall.

It’s not the same anymore. As one bookstore owner told me, “My customer come to drink a cup of coffee and visit with the books a while, but then they go home and buy from Amazon.”

Readers may be buying from eRetailers, but they don’t browse through the shelves of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

They are faced with so many books.

They are confronted with so many unknown writers.

Which ones should they choose?

At Caleb and Linda Pirtle we want to help readers make informed decisions. At Caleb and Linda Pirtle, we want to put them in touch with outstanding authors who are creating outstanding fiction.

At Caleb and Linda Pirtle, we are introducing The Authors Collection, a group of top-notch writers with top-notch novels that we are proud to recommend to our visitors. They have been handpicked and specially selected. They write the kinds of books we like to read, and we think you will like to read them as well.

You may be familiar with some of the names. They are already serializing their novels on Caleb and Linda Pirtle, so you probably have a good feel for their talent with the written word, their penchant for taking you on wild, untamed, unbridled thrill rides with plots that have more twists and turns than a runaway roller coaster at the state fair.

Others may be strangers.

They won’t be strangers long.

On a regular basis, we will feature blogs written by our cadre of novelists and writers who make up The Authors Collection.  You will learn more about them as individual and as writers. You will read some about their books but more about their inspirations and the reasons why those books were written. On our comment section, you will be able to talk to them as if you were sitting across from them at a coffee shop. Got questions? They have the answers.  In their books and blogs, they can make you laugh and cry. They can scare the hell out of you. They can inspire you when you need a brighter day. And we begin today with blogs from FCEtier of North Carolina and Sara Marie Hogg from Missouri.

You have a chance to know who our authors are, what they are, and what makes them tick. We believe if you know more about an author, you’ll have a better appreciation and understanding for his and her work.

The books cover a multitude of genres from mysteries and thrillers to romance and historical fiction. There may even be a touch of paranormal and a slight dose of mysticism along the way. Their work comes from the United States and Canada, from Rome and Great Britain, and even from down under in Australia.

As in any book, however, it’s the story that counts.

And those who form The Authors Collection are great storytellers.

We simply want you get to know them as well as we do.

We believe in their talent.

Give them a chance, and you will, too.

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