Want to Attract Readers to Your Blog?

Social Media guru Erik Emanuelli provides secrets to achieving one of the main goals we have to build our names, our brand, and our books. We know the importance of blogging. Erik has ideas on how to attract new readers to your blogs. He writes:

Recently, I found lots of blogs with high quality content, but only a few readers. No matter how nice the content is, but no comments at all.

Besides offering high quality posts on your blog, you also need to spread your blog and posts sparing no efforts.

There are three tricks to promote your blog, attract new readers and boost your traffic.

1. Social Media

As a global social network, Facebook has a large portion of your blog audience, but how to attract these potential readers to your blog, you should follow the below tips.

Register Your Own Facebook Page.

There is nothing need to explain, just go to Facebook home page, register, and set profiles.

There is one search box at the top of Facebook, where you can search for people, places and things at your will.

You’d better look for your familiar people first, and then you will have a brief understanding of how to operate Facebook.

Add Friends on Facebook

After you have been familiar with Facebook basic functions, and you have already added your friends and family, it is time to dig those people who are your blog target audience and other bloggers.

Please don’t add friends in spam way, or else you will be forbidden by Facebook.

Share Posts on Facebook

You have added some people who are interested in you niche, and then you should share every post with these Facebook friends.

Of course, if you offer value added content, your friends will share to their own Facebook, gradually, more and more people will add you friend and pay attention to your Facebook news.

When come to Linkedin, my favorite part is Linkedin Group. There are lots of professional groups, such as SEO, SEM, Make Money Online, Social Media and Copywriting, etc.

You can join in any group you want, and share your content, besides, you can learn from others. Numbers of great minds in each group, they will share valuable experience every day.

How to Get New Readers with Linkedin

First, join in your niche related Linkedin Groups, and then share your writing with every group.

If your writing is attractive, others will “like” it. You can also share others post, and like it, or leave a comment.

Meanwhile, you can follow other great minds, and you will be followed by others.

2. Q&A Sites

Whatever your blog topic is, there must be helpful to a group people.

Questions & Answers sites will provide you this kind of target readers. Two popular Q&A sites are :

answer.yahoo.com ;


We are all familiar with Yahoo Answer, where we can submit any questions, and get answer in short time.

How to Find Questions

Type your content related keywords or phrases in to search box, and click “Newest” under the box , you will get the newest questions, and then provide valuable answers.

The most important thing for attracting new readers for your blog is leaving URL in “Sources” box.

Be careful, don’t spam, or Yahoo will kill you.

3. Join in Forums

You may already have known popular forums related to your niche, if not, Google will help you, type “keyword inurl:forum” (keyword stands for your niche related keywords or phrase).

First, just register five or ten influential forums, keep active, offer value added information, leave your URL when is necessary, not spam, you will get massive readers for your blog.

To make your blog more successful, you should keep on providing high quality content, and find your target audience, and then share posts with them.



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