Want to find some great summer reading?

Authors Showcase is coming June 10. You’ll find books in every genre and can spend some time with the authors who wrote them.

Saturday’s coming, and it’s the kind of day I like best. Linda and I will be hanging out with a bunch of friends, who happen to be outstanding, award-winning writers, at the East Texas Authors Showcase in the Gilmer Civic Center.

It all gets underway at ten o’clock, and we’ll all probably stay until somebody comes along and kicks us out.

If you’re in East Texas with nothing better to do, and there’s nothing better than talking books, we invite to come and spend some time with us. You’ll find books in every genre and can spend some time with the authors who wrote them. There will be refreshments and door prizes, admission is free, and writers are always honored to autograph any books you buy.

Here is a glimpse a four of the authors who will be on hand, and we’ll showcase more authors tomorrow and Saturday on Here Comes A Mystery.

Mail Order Groom

By Dana Wayne

“Find a husband in thirty days or lose the ranch when I die.”

Emma Marshall is stunned by her dying father’s ultimatum. With Twin Oaks to run alone, she delays dealing with it, unaware of the advertisements he placed seeking a groom for her.

One by one, prospects arrive, spurred by the promise of control of a prosperous ranch and a beautiful bride. Angry, embarrassed and heartbroken by her father’s tactics, she fights for her independence.

Tyler Roundtree acts on a request from his best friend and accepts the job of temporary foreman at the Marshall place. Surprised to find his new boss is a beautiful, jean-wearing, gun-toting woman with enough grit to go bear hunting with a switch, he happily accepts the job.

Distracted by persistent suitors and a dangerous man intent on getting control of her ranch, Emma is totally unprepared for the instant attraction to Ty. Thrown together by chance, she can’t help but wonder if he may be the answer to her problem. However, it soon becomes clear she knows everything about running a ranch, and nothing about being a woman.

A world-weary Southern gentleman, a fiery, independent woman—a marriage of convenience was only the beginning.

That One Moment

By Patty Wiseman

Ricki Sheridan travelled a long way to seek refuge at Wolf Den’s Lodge high in the mountains after a devastating betrayal. Heartbroken, she signed up for a survivalist backpacking trip to live off the land and forget.

An injury on the first day puts her in the capable hands of the handsome trail boss, Kory Littleton. The attraction is instant, mutual, and terrifying. She trusted her emotions once and vowed never to make the same mistake again.

Kory’s heart, trampled and bruised, is unprepared to ever love again, until his unexpected reaction to Ricki reveals some things are worth taking a chance on.

When evil finds its way back into Ricki’s world, their fragile bond is tested, forcing them to face

their greatest fear: can a wounded heart ever trust anew?

Betrayal. Desire. Revenge. Which one prevails?

Indignities: The Altercation

By N. E. Brown

Trent Matthews, on his death bed, made one last wish: He wanted his wife, Catherine, to move the family back to Galveston for a fresh start.

In this installment of the Galveston, 1900, Indignities Series, Catherine has her three youngest children enrolled in school. Her eldest son, Daniel, has dreamed of becoming a doctor and is pursuing his dream as a med-student in the Galveston Medical School.

Her second son, Adam, seeks his independence. He finds a job at the shipping docks and moves to his own apartment. At the moment, Catherine feels that the family will have a bright, prosperous future in Galveston.

However, Catherine’s greatest secret – dormant for the past two decades – is in danger of being exposed when an unidentified stranger comes to Galveston. His presence threatens to divide her family. A young man resembling nineteen-year-old Adam creates havoc and Adam bears the scars.

A vulnerable nineteen-year-old girl has been lured into prostitution with promises of a better life. She mysteriously disappears, and because she is Adam’s friend, the authorities look to him for answers.

Scared and on the run from the law, Adam goes to his birthplace in Beaumont to uncover his mother’s darkest secret.

Will the sins of his father become an obsession?

Will he eventually clear his name?

Will the past return as a nightmare?

Sniffy and Suzy

By Frankie Hambrick Capers

Enjoy Coloring these wonderful drawings as you read the story of Noah’s Ark told through two skunks point of view.

As one reviewer said:  enjoyed this flood story told from the perspective of two little skunks who worry that they will not be allowed on the ark very much.

Beautifully illustrated pages on one side, coloring pages on the other for little ones to become involved in the story.

This book a must have.

Loved it.

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