Caleb and Linda Pirtle Best Cover Design for the Conspiracy Thriller: The Myth Makers

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The Story: Journalist Jack Lawrence traces the origins of an old myth back to the men who claimed to have created a perpetual motion machine. And by merely uncovering the dusty facts of their past, Jack and his colleagues at a dying daily newspaper are placed in harms way.

COVERCONTEST-BESTCOVERThe invention: was it real or a hoax? Fact or fiction? Were the men who created it scientists or con artists?

Only five people in the world know for sure. And two of them are dead. Some people will give anything to get the story.

Others will do anything to keep that story from seeing the light of day.

Review by Gary Brahl: The Myth Makers is the real deal. John Crawley has found a way to make an obscure piece of engineering history not only sexy but page-flipping fascinating.

This is a work of fiction. Maybe. Or is it? The line between legend and reality is crossed so seamlessly and cleverly that the reader is delightfully never quite sure. And in the end…well, there lurks a real brain twister, to say the least.

Conspiracy junkies will lap this one up. Thriller aficionados will celebrate its non-stop action. Mystery lovers will find a rich complexity of story lines to untangle.

As readers follow the obsessed journalist on his quest for the truth, from the remote hills of Kentucky to the badlands of Idaho, they will find themselves challenged at every crossroads to uncover, along with him, the heart of “the story.”

Facts are weaved so subtly with fiction, science laced so deliciously with sex and adventure that this writing is difficult to categorize. Except to say it is flawlessly accomplished.

John Crawley has written a real ball-bearing buster of a book.

Review by Marcus: America has had its share of real-life conspiracy theories? Who really had Abraham Lincoln killed? Who was responsible for sinking the Maine and leading America into the Spanish American War? Who really had John F. Kennedy assassinated? Did Americans really leave their footprints on the moon?

There are so many questions.

There are so few answers.

Now John Crawley has created a riveting novel about another great conspiracy. Did someone really invent a perpetual motion machine that could revolutionize transportation and make the need for oil and fossil fuel obsolete?

Did someone actually kill to keep it a secret?

And where has the secret been hidden?

There are times when reality makes the best fiction. And Crawley knows that rumors about the machine have been alive in certain secretive circles for years. He brought them to live in a novel that will both captivate and confound you.

His novel is a riddle encased in another riddle. It is mesmerizing.

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