Caleb and Linda Pirtle Best Cover Design for A Spy Thriller Goes to CIA Fall Guy

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The Story: When Beth Parsons is summoned to CIA headquarters for the bogus purpose of identifying someone from her past, she realizes she must find out what is really going on. Forced to partner with the man who may have been responsible for her husband’s death, she has to unmask the real traitors or end up as the fall guy.

After the CIA driver who brought her to D.C. is shot and killed, Beth escapes her CIA “babysitter” and sets off to discover why she is suddenly once again in the world of spies and double agents.

COVERCONTEST-BESTCOVERHer quest takes her to Europe and then back to the U.S., and pairs her with a mysterious man who may or may not be on her side.

If you like espionage stories and tales of intrigue — especially ones with a dash of romantic suspense, CIA FALL GUY is for you!

Review by Katie Silver: This author sure can spin a yarn! CIA Fall Guy is exactly my kind of book, enough action and intrigue to keep you guessing the whole time, with a decent sprinkling of romance and relationships to keep you turning the pages.

The book is well written, and very fast paced, there are times when it seems almost a little too fast, the words spat out at machine gun pace, but that I think is the skill of the author, the more you read, the more you want to read, so the faster you read!

I enjoyed the characters, the main protagonists have characters which are well fleshed out and believable, and it was great that they were not 25 and perfect!

The story centres around Beth Parsons, the widow of an American Soldier killed in Munich some years prior, Beth herself was at the time working for US Military Intelligence Group. So when she is asked to go and help identify a German man claiming payment for years of service to the CIA she goes without too many suspicions. However all is not right, and after her driver is found dead, and Beth herself escapes from the locked apartment of Kathleen, the female intelligence officer tasked with babysitting her, the adventure begins; and Beth is very quickly faced with the decision of whether or not to trust the man who may have been involved in her husband’s death as the two of them race against the clock, after traveling to Germany (and not by first class!) to unravel what I happening around them.

At times the story does fall in the category of way too unbelievable, with Beth being able to fight off CIA agents with her karate skills!

Beth and David’s burgeoning relationship is well written, playing well alongside the rest of the book, without overpowering the story.

If you like a good fast paced spy thriller without too much technical stuff to bore you then this book is great, its a little like CIA Spy Thriller Lite, in that it doesn’t delve too deeply into the real boys toys spy stuff, but sticks to the story.

Review by Mary Raynor: I am a big fan of Phyllis Zimbler Miller, after reading her poignant novel about the lives of military wives during the Vietnam War era, Mrs. Lieutenant: A Sharon Gold Novel, and her female action thriller, Lieutenant Commander Mollie Sanders.

Now, with CIA Fall Guy, Phyllis again brings back memories of being a military wife, in Germany this time. This novel is special to me, as we were stationed in the very same city where the actual bombing of an Officers’ Club took place, my husband being the first person on the scene (before the MP’s chased him away, fearing another bomb) and seeing the slain American officer who had been due to retire that very month.

Mrs. Miller’s descriptions of the times and the actual event are so accurate. I especially identified with the African-American character, Kathleen, who works so hard to be taken seriously as a professional woman, only to have circumstances beyond her control make her look like a klutz. Mrs. Miller is a first-class writer. Read this book, with its unusual love story woven through the espionage and intrigue.



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