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This time of year, we all tend to reflect on the events of 2012 and plan for the coming year.  At Caleb and Linda Pirtle 2012 has been a wild ride.

When we welcomed 2012, VG was brand new, barely three months old. Caleb Pirtle and I were getting our feet on the ground, trying to decide which direction to take.

As the year progressed, we found ourselves making new friends in the Indie world of publishing, establishing relationships with a host of talented writers.

A vision for VG emerged.

As we saw it, readers and writers were in search of a place they could call home, a gathering spot where they could interact and come to know each other better.  Our approach has been a simple open door policy.  We welcome authors, try to give them a boost, offer fresh new content for readers.  In essence, VG has become an on-line fiction magazine, published daily.

That’s a mouthful.

When we began, Caleb and I were chief cooks and bottle washers, flailing away, putting words on paper, wondering if anyone would read them.

Now, a year later we are still chief cooks and bottle washers, but we have a host of comrades.  With the advent of VG Serials we have about a dozen fine writers churning out books a chapter at a time, week in and week out. Our hope is that our content is varied enough to attract readers of all stripes, writers of many genres.

We have new voices and old heads.

Caleb has melted at least three keyboards from overuse.

But we are having the time of our lives.

And guess what?

The vision is becoming a reality.

When I look at the list of people we have come to know in the last year, I am amazed and humbled. Writers are a different breed of cat.  Thank God.  They are brim full of creativity, frustrated, shell-shocked.

What a great place to hang out, don’t you think?

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