Training on the amazing Glip!

Hi adVenturers! We’ve found a great solution to helping communicate your services directly to you without anyone having to search through hundreds of emails to remember the conversation! Yay!!!

Please watch the following 8 minute video and enjoy.

Here are the short steps for you to follow:
  1. Receive email from us & create your free account
  2. Download your desktop program
  3. Sign into your desktop program
  4. Send me a test message (click on my name)
  5. Click the videochat button inside the messaging section & download the program
You’ll begin seeing postings asking for specific information and files pertaining to your subscription and a schedule on your calendar of your advertising on Caleb and Linda Pirtle.
Please feel free to comment below with questions & letting me know you have completed. 🙂
Same bat time, same bat channel next week!!!

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