Touching the Emotions: The short reads of Janice Ernest.

The stories and the thoughts behind them stay with you for a long time.

Janice Earnest has a rare gift.

Her words can make you laugh.

They can make you cry.

They can make you think.

Janice Earnest knows how to reach out and gently touch your emotions.

Janice Ernest

I’ve always believed that great writing means telling a story from one heart to another.

Janice knows how to do it.

But then, Janice Ernest looks at life and the world around her through eyes far different from mine and yours.

She sees things we don’t see.

And, from a reader’s point of view, I’m grateful she does.

Janice has recently released four short stories that are currently available on Amazon.

They are quick to read.

But the stories and the thoughts behind them stay with you for a long time.

Her characters become part of your family for the holidays.

The Homecoming

A young couple is separated when he is drafted into the war. She waits patiently as the seasons pass. These are her thoughts as she waits for him to return home.

Three Fractured Fairy Tales

Three fun fractured tales intended to make you smile. Each of these stories is followed by either an activity or a recipe which you might enjoy. Read, enjoy, act on these books. Learn about Ferdinand and the Dancing Caravan, Cindercat and how she gets to go to the ball, and what happens when someone puts the powder in your chowder. Once you finish reading, try out the included activities. A fun read, a good recipe for stew, and some good ideas.


Seasons of Life: A Message of Hope in Times of Darkness

Depression does exist. That feeling of darkness, of not knowing what to do to make things better does exist. You are not imagining your feelings, but this empathetic essay will show you that you are not alone, that you should not give up. The seasons will change. Hold on. As someone who suffered from loss and depression, I am sharing this with you to show you that there is hope. Never, never give up. After the winter there will be new life for you.

Bon Appetit

A tourist goes scuba diving with an instructor/guide. Is there more in and out of the water than she bargained for? Read and find out. A satisfying terrifying read.

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