Tortoises on the half shell: the fast track to building a web site

tortoise and hareDigital has changed everything and nothing.

The world of digital publishing is all about speed while the world of writing is all about steadiness.

It is a world in which tortoises are supposed to run like hares.

That’s why we have two tortoises on the half shell here at Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

Caleb Pirtle and I are, in the vernacular of the day, “old school.”

We grew up in another time, but we are adjusting to the present and the future.

The thing that strikes me is how little has changed on a fundamental level.  To be sure, the Indie revolution has opened new vistas.  It brings new opportunities and challenges daily. Techniques that worked last  month are passe now. Business models spring up from nowhere, have their day in the sun and vanish at night fall, never to re-emerge.

However, the principles that underpin success remain as solid as ever.  They are easy to articulate.  Work hard.  Keep at it.  Be willing to take risks.  Put your  money where you mouth is.  Don’t give up.  Don’t give in. Experiment until you find something that works.  When you find something that works, make it better.

On the writing front, the same holds true.  Write a good book.  Write another one. Write another one. Study the craft of writing. Be open to criticism.  Disregard criticism.  Keep writing.

The tendency to do something in a hurry is always with us in the digital age. Because all the information in the world is at our fingertips, we are lulled into the belief that we can process  it in ten minutes.

We can’t.  Every idea worth pursuing is worth meditating about, worth considering from all angles, worth refining and re-imagining.

tortoise on the scalesBut the digital clock is always running, and therein lies the problem.  If we find a good idea and want to implement it, we have a small window in which to do so.  Otherwise something else will come along that is even better, and we will have spent our time on something that isn’t worth pursuing.

The answer is another old principle.  We have to make lateral adjustments on the fly.

If I forgot to mention it, tortoises are earth bound creatures.

That’s what really wears on a couple of tortoises. We can’t jump, but we can still see the open door in the box car as it approaches.

First we blogged, then we added serials, soon we will introduce Caleb and Linda Pirtle Book Club.

We may be slow, but we’re glad you’re here with us for the journey.

(Stephen Woodfin is an attorney and author of six novels.  He hates tortoise soup.)


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