Top 8 Tools to Unleash Your Writing Creativity


ARE YOU TRYING TO WRITE an amazing short story or an ambitious novel? Maybe you just want to start writing better blog posts that would attract more readers and comments? Whatever your goal is, you can always rely on technology that will unleash your creativity. Try the following eight tools to see which ones would fit into your routine:

PagePlus X8

Sometimes you need better page layout to get inspired to do your best work. That’s when you can use PagePlus X8 – a writing environment that’s much more attractive than your regular word processor. Although this desktop publishing tool doesn’t offer advanced features, it’s still great for writing brochures, magazines, booklets, newsletters, and other types of documents that need cool design.


When you have to conduct a serious research on a topic you have no knowledge of, the entire writing process becomes more complicated. You can make your job much easier if you rely on the professional writers at this website. You can hire an expert with PhD degree in any area of study, so you will get reliable facts to support your discussion with. Essay writing service NinjaEssays also offers awesome editing, formatting and proofreading services.


If you want to become a more productive writer, you have to practice fast typing. This is the perfect tool for that purpose. RapidTyping Tutor will instruct you how to use the keyboard more effectively through a series of lessons. With regular practice, you will easily boost your typing speed.


If you need to include content from other sources into your documents, you would waste a lot of time in retyping the passages by hand. SimpleOCR will save you a lot of time in such situations. You can use it to include lengthy passages from a book, or a printout of a file without an available electronic version. The paid version includes a handwriting conversion feature.


This management tool is especially effective when you are working on multiple projects simultaneously, since it will eliminate the confusion. You can also use GranttProject when you are collaborating with others. The tool enables you to break a lengthy writing process into smaller goals and achieve them progressively.


Are you one of those writers who sabotage themselves through procrastination? WriteMonkey seems like a simple tool, but it has a great potential to keep you focused on your work. Don’t be misguided by the scarce interface; this software is full of great features in the context menu.


Are you bored by your plain MS word processor? That’s not the only office suite available. Try LibreOffice – a free, but powerful alternative that enables you to do your work quickly and easily. The suite gives you full control over the appearance of your documents. Among all useful features it includes, you will surely appreciate the table of contents creator and autocorrect function.


If you are working on a project that requires more than filling pages with words, this is the tool for you. Scribus is a powerful, but open-source alternative to high-end layout applications. You’ll have to spend some time to explore the program in order to realize how it functions, but you’ll be able to create stunning layouts as soon as you get used to it.

A word processor is not the only tool you need as a writer. With so many options that can increase your productivity levels, it would be a shame not to unleash your entire potential. It is important to choose the right tool for the specific project you are working on. The eight suggestions above are a great starting point!

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