Top 5 Most Inspiring Books on World Travel

Is antarctica really the worst journey in the world?
Is antarctica really the worst journey in the world?


Linda Swan Is a blogger & a writer from UK (LONDON) having interest in writing travel related topics. She is a person with full of life, exploring the cities to the deepest.  She loves to travel around the world and prefer train journeys, because she feels train is the most comfortable & delightful means of transportation.

Linda Swan
Linda Swan

There are many different kinds of books written by different authors pertaining to travel and tours. Each book offers different views about tours and travel destinations to various parts of the world. These different authors however expressed their interest on travel tours. Each travel book presents its content in a unique style targeted towards its audience. Virtually all of them had one thing in mind and the thing is their experiences on different travel destinations. The following are some of the best travel books recommended for those wishing to explore the world;

  • A WINTER IN ARABIA by Freya Stark 

The author of this book contributed immensely on travel books. Through his personal experience as a traveler, he reveals to us or to the readers various experiences and predicaments of most travel. Even though his major works oscillate around Yemen and their experiences there with his companion. He clearly depicts that travelling is not only about visiting places for tours but it also encompasses amazing experiences of exploration and learning new things in life.


Even though the book talks about classical travel issues, I consider it one of the most relevant and the best travel book. Just by the title of the book itself the book exposes to the readers about what normally transpires during most travel experiences. It exposes what normally happens to most travelers and their general overview about certain places on earth.


The author of the book talks about amazing experiences in the ancient land of Abyssinia. This book has been argued to be among the best travel books in the world. This is because the book inspires the reader about the awesome experiences in the land of Abyssinia. The book was written by Wilfred Thesiger in 1996.


Patrick is arguably one of the leading authors of the travel books in the 20th century. He presents his works in a cool yet fascinating style. This book is highly recommended for travels for this will give those deep insights and a lot of inspiration.

  • It’s Here Now (Are You?) by Bhagavan Das

This book is also one of the highly cherished travel books that is meant to expose to the reader the challenges of travelling. Through the author the reader get to know that all travels may not smooth and thus there is need for travelers and other avid readers of travel books to adequately prepare before embarking on any travel in any part of the world.

Therefore there are different travel books which have been rated by various readers to be the best but from the past century up to date the above books seem to be the top 5 best travel books in our time. You can consult with train journeys for more information on the best travel books. They will definitely assist you in choosing the best travel book for you to know more about travel books and their content.


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