Toby Jane: One of the Top Ten Contemporary Romance Writers You Need To Be Reading

Her stories read like literary fiction with a romantic bent.

Toby Jane is the romance pen name for bestselling mystery writer Toby Neal. Writing romance allows her to indulge in the delight of stories set in amazing places with big families and loving pets.

If you like Marie Force’s Gansett Island series, Bella Andre’s Sullivans, or Melissa Foster’s Remingtons, you will love Toby Jane’s Michaels sisters, and their children, in the Somewhere Series.

Toby Jane also co-authors the Scorch Series with Emily Reed, which stars a fabulous Italian family of hunky, capable brothers and one sassy sister, finding love in the time of pandemic.

If you’d enjoy Nora Roberts’ Year One series crossed with the passion of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, you’ll love the Scorch books!

Toby Jane

Somewhere in St. Thomas

He’s wrong for me.

I’m not your typical island girl. I spent years studying for a spelling contest, trying to win a scholarship to attend college away from St. Thomas. A relationship is the furthest thing from my mind.

I’m finally working towards my goals when I meet Rafe McCallum–at the worst possible time. I can’t allow distractions, no matter how he affects me.

Surfer, sailor, philosopher—Rafe is far more than he appears.

He’s a danger to my dreams, but he might be worth it.

I’m wrong for her.

I’m too jaded for a girl like Ruby. I’m accustomed to freedom and accountable to no one, but I can’t forget the red hair…those curves. Her sass, intelligence, and ambition impress me. She’s young, but I can see her at my side, running McCallum Industries.

She’s a princess waiting for a kiss. I’m definitely not a prince, but I want to make her mine.

That’s how McCallums operate: we see something we want, and we take it.

I left the billionaire life behind to sail the world, but maybe it’s time to come home.

Somewhere in the City

’m the bad girl of the family.

People tell me I’m beautiful, that I can be somebody now that I’ve been discovered as a model…but with my past, it’s hard to believe I’ll find anything but heartache. Until Magnus Thorne.

The big guy doesn’t say a lot, but he doesn’t need to. Those smoldering eyes promise sin, while warning me away.

I’m going to make him notice me if it’s the last thing I do. 

I’m too dangerous for her.

I’m an assassin: good with a gun, a knife, a garrote—whatever I need for the dirty work I do for our government. I can’t put these bloodstained hands on a girl like Pearl.

Only… she won’t take no for an answer. She thinks she’s a badass.

She doesn’t know who she’s dealing with.

Somewhere in California

He’s my sister’s ex.

Dancing is the only thing that makes me feel good, that keeps my OCD in check–until I meet Brandon, producer of the TV dance competition that can make or break my dreams.

He’s gorgeous and sweet. He even seems to like me. Why, oh why, does he have to be my supermodel sister’s ex?

Just don’t hit on the contestants.

Jade is totally different from her sister Pearl, who broke my heart.

She’s pure passion on the dance floor… and entirely awkward off of it. She can’t stop washing her hands, counting things to calm herself, and won’t even look me in the eye. So why do I just want to kiss her until she forgets everything but being mine?

Somewhere on Maui

Zoe’s supposed to be living her dream-—but it’s empty.

She’s an independent journalist walking the beaches of paradise every day, but she never expected to be doing that alone, with only her dog for company. Trying to find her footing after a nasty divorce, Zoe finds herself in counseling.

Everyone relies on Adam-—but he’s reached a breaking point.

Adam was born and raised on Maui, a true “local” who surfs to stay in shape and deal with his many sources of stress. The care of his mother, a busy contracting business, and a custody fight for his beloved step kids lead to a workplace confrontation that finally pushes him over the edge and sends him to anger management.

Sometimes second chances need a little help.

Adam and Zoe happen to share a therapist who gives them the same advice: try Internet dating. And though their Crazy Blind Date match-up ignites sparks neither have felt since high school, finding love again is a little bit terrifying when a heart’s already been bruised.

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