Thursday Sampler: How to Self Publish a Book

Throw away the excuses right now and self-publish your book! Read an excerpt from Barb Drozdowich’ eye-opening book on self-publishing for the technology challenge author.  It will change the way you look about bringing your book to market.

Ditch the overwhelm. Right now.

You’re an author … and you want to self-publish, right? So why haven’t you yet?

I’ll bet it’s because you feel overwhelmed. There are so many steps to take when self-publishing, and no one easy way to take them. Until now, that is.

How to Self-publish a Book by Barb Drozdowich is ready-made to help you do just that. Its step-by-step, friendly format will make it easy for you to shake off the anxiety attached to the unknown and find your way safely and quickly to the fun and profits of self-publishing.

It’s scary when you don’t know what to do next. And then, when you figure out what comes next, you discover you don’t know how to do it. Ayyyeee! It’s no wonder so many authors give up their self-publishing dreams.
But you don’t have to.

Author consultant Barb Drozdowich comes from the tech and how-to world. It’s easy for her to explain it to you because she’s lived it—17+ times as a self-published author herself—and has spent decades teaching writers like you how to find success while avoiding the tech-snags and info-snares of publishing.

Here are just 5 of the real-life gems in How to Self-Publish a Book that will help you get to the finish line.
-Files, and formats, and structure—Oh, my! You’ll learn which ones to use, when and how, all without that peril-filled trip to the Emerald City.

-ISBN: How to get one, where to get one, and why it’s important to get one that shows you as the author of record.

-ePublishers (the big, very BIG, and the little guys) their requirements, and how to meet them, for nearly every country in the World.

-Live links that take you to the places you need to be, so you don’t have to waste your time searching … and searching … and searching some more.

-A glossary and resources section so you don’t have to guess about anything.

This book is jam-packed with carefully researched and validated information that is curated to inspire you to complete a task, then carry on to the next. In fact, the information within the covers is so valuable that one reader wrote: “The beginning sections and the appendices alone would be more than worth the cover price.”

Are you ready? Throw away the excuses right now and self-publish your book!

Barb Drozdowich


Self-publishing—or Indie publishing, as it is also known—is the publishing equalizer. Gate-keepers are removed and authors can publish a book they feel has merit. Along with the removal of many of the gate-keepers, in recent years much of the stigma has also been removed. Authors who choose to publish their own work are capable of having a respectable and successful career as published authors.

So…you are interested in learning about self-publishing. Do you use the term “Self-Publishing” or “Indie-Publishing” or “Independent Publishing”? In my mind, all these phrases mean the same thing.  They all refer to the act of publishing a book where you are the driver of the operation—you may ask for and receive, help, but you make all the decisions.

I am the proud author of 15 self-published books, have sold thousands of copies and I am frequently answering questions about or dispelling myths about self-publishing. As a result, I decided to put fingers to keyboard and explain the process of self-publishing.

Why self-publishing? Really, aren’t there several books out there that deal with the subject? There are, and I’ve read most of them. Many of the books available focus on either the US or the UK or don’t specify the differences experienced by self-publishers in different countries. That is where this book is different. I will point out the differences and provide as many sources of information I can find for folks in different countries.

Is there a learning curve?


I do feel the learning curve is reasonable, but in my experience, many well-meaning people scare authors off this path.

I approach the world of authors and publishing differently than most authors.  My background is in teaching science and running a technical training department. I’m a stats geek and I tend to analyze things, to study things. I don’t think things work, I know they do and why they do. I read a lot and I research a lot.  The origins for most of my books have been either a problem point that I discover or a subject that I get a lot of questions on.

There is no one way to publish a book. 

Maybe that’s what creates confusion in many authors—the number of choices that exist. As you’ll see in this book, I view publishing as steps on a flow chart or as stops on a roadmap. Steps that are easily identified and described. They are all steps that the average author can carry out—perhaps with a bit of help—but they don’t require any special skill other than some patience and a little bit of stubbornness. There are a variety of choices available for most of the steps. We’ll talk about the choices available and talk about the pros and cons of each.

I think it’s important to let you know what you will learn from this book. We will start off talking about the various types of editing and how to find an editor for your project. We will talk about how to get an ISBN from whatever agency is appropriate for your country. We will talk about what all the various file formats are we will need to publish our book and how to either create them ourselves or how to find a professional formatter.

We will learn all about cover graphics and how to find a graphic designer to help create the perfect cover for your book. We will learn how straightforward it is to publish a book to the various retailers where your book will be for sale. We will learn about e-readers and how straightforward they are to use.

We will learn about the differences between all the retailers and learn how to get paid. Along the way, we’ll learn the meaning of all those words that published authors use that don’t seem to be part of the normal English language.

We’ll learn a bunch of bits and pieces that make the whole thing much easier! And homework. I’ll be assigning homework, but it will be fun homework. Think “reading a book” kind of fun.

Lastly, I’ll give you lots and lots of help. At the end of this book, you’ll find a glossary, a list of resource articles, a list of helpful videos, an extensive list of writers’ groups and a few odds and ends of resource material that I just had to include!

Are you excited to begin? I hope so. Let’s end this introduction with a quote from a group that I will mention several times in this book—the Alliance of Independent Authors.

“What self-publishing doesn’t do is absolve us of the responsibility of learning our craft and our art.” 

~ Alliance of Independent Authors

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