My Thoughts: Where would writers be without sin?

What’s a good romance or a good mystery without a little sin, either real or imagined?


I hear them in Church on Sunday morning.

Their voices echo in tent revivals on Saturday nights, where we find out hell is hotter than an East Texas August and certainly can’t be wiped away with a funeral home fan.

They blast their venom on radio late at night.

They’re against us.

They’re ganging up on us.

They’re out to get us.

Some are fundamentalist.

Some are mainstream.

Some are in Bible churches by the side of the road.

It doesn’t matter.

Writers beware!

Preachers don’t like us.

They all have the same message.

They all have the same motives.

And we are targets in their verbal crosshairs.

If you’re a writer, if you’re a novelist, if you’re a screenwriter preachers are trying to shut you down.

Burn your books.

Shred your manuscripts.

Exorcise your imagination.


Preachers are against sin.

Preachers want to stomp out sin.

Preachers want to rid the world of sin.

But if writers lose sin, what else is there to write about?

After all, the Bible is full of it.

David had an affair with his general’s wife.

David had the general killed.

Good plot.

Good story.

Novelists have worked it to death.

Paul is a murderer.

He is a villain’s kind of villain.

He’s feared.

He’s a dangerous man.

He has blood on his hands, and it is Christian blood.

But, on the road to Damascus, out in the middle of nowhere, he is knocked to the ground by a vision of light that shines down around him.

And suddenly he’s a changed man, fighting to save the ones he once condemned to death.

Good plot.

Good story.

Novelists have worked it to death.

What’s a good mystery without a little sin?

What’s a good romance without a little sin, either real or imagined?

Erotica is full of it.

Erotica thinks it invented sin.

If not, it took sin to a whole new level.

How many planets can you conquer without a little sin?

Most wars are triggered with one or two.

Even Mother Goose is filled with evil deeds.

What makes a villain a villain without surrounding himself with a little sin?

How does the hero whip the villain without falling prey to a little sin?

Don’t worry, you think.

It can’t be sin.

The bad guy deserved what he got.

That’s the problem with the Ten Commandments.

There’s no amendment in small print at the end that says: It’s all right to break one if the bastard deserves what he gets.

So face it.

Sin is sin.

And the preachers are against it.

Preachers want to end it.

Stand on the mountain top and wash our sins away.

That’s what they want to do.

If they succeed, if there’s no sin left, I’m afraid writers are out of business.

Of course, if preachers end sin, they’re out of business, too.

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