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“A short, beautifully written novel.” — Frederick Lee Brooke, Amazon reviewer and author

“I loved the story of Maurice Bury and found in it many of the human details my father had related to me about another part of the war.” — Stephen Woodfin, Caleb and Linda Pirtle reviewer and author

“This true story is a must-read for so many reasons.”—Gary Henry, author and reviewer

“So well written that it will make you suffer and cry with Maurice, and also laugh with him and celebrate” — Cinta Garcia Stone, book reviewer

“An excellent read!” — Kate’s Reads

“Scott Bury has greatly honored his father-in-law by preserving his story, and have given the rest of us a glimpse into a piece of history that I deeply wish no one had experienced.” — E.L.S., Amazon reviewer and author

“Truly an exception” — Samreen Ahsan, award-winning author

“Difficult to put this book down” — Bonnie Foley, Amazon reviewer

“One of the most heart-wrenching and compelling tales I have ever read.” — Joy Lorton, Amazon reviewer

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