These are my opinions about the talkies. You're entitled to yours.

85th Academy Awards Nominations AnnouncementWith Oscar buzz in the air and the Golden Globes Awards recently, my usual excitement arises as to whom these Oscar winners will be.  One can bet that February 24, we’ll be comfortably seated with our voting ballots and pencils in hand.

Yes, we are serious.

Several of my friends and I have for many years made pilgrimages to Dallas to see the nominees.  We work at it as if we are choosing the nominees.  Along with sheets that I’ve prepared for filling in the name, hour, running time, and location, we organize our schedule so that we can see at least five movies in two days.  Several past schedules have put us on the road and headed toward Ardmore at midnight.  Whoever rides shotgun knows without cue that she is responsible for providing enough titillating conversation about the movies of the day that the driver won’t take us airborne over an overpass.

Our non-movie going friends think we’re nuts.  But they certainly don’t mind an invitation to an Oscar night party that Judy Bacon has hosted for more than a few years.

Tommy Lee Jones in "Lincoln"
Tommy Lee Jones in “Lincoln”

Along with our movie schedule, we strategically plan where we can eat or if any of the movies will be at either the Plano Angelika or Dallas Angelika.  There we know we can cafe bag our favorite meals into the movie, spread out our fare, and eat like royalty.

Many of our friends don’t respect this but as the years of movie attendance have passed, we’ve developed some aspects of discrimination.  They will hoot their heads off when they read this.  But it is true.

Movie music too loud that we can’t hear the dialogue.  That’s a big strike against a movie.  For example Meet Joe Black.

Movie lighting too dark that we can’t see the actors.  Another strike. Example Lincoln. Giveme a break!  I am willing to suspend my sense of reality to watch a movie.  For Bloody Sakes, let me see the damn thing.

Movie special effects that seem endless.  Another strike.  Example Skyfall.   Barely a plot, barely dialogue, but those special effects drag on until I’m willing to scream,  “Are you dragging out the length of minutes just to take up time?”  This is a sure sign some idiot thinks a barrage of special effects doth a movie make.  Wake up!

Movie special effects and music so loud that we’ve used our fingers for ear plugs.  Who wants to destroy her hearing?!  I’m trying my best to hang on to mine as it is.  Blasting me out of the theatre is a sure kill.  Have movie producers listened to so much noise they’ve lost their own hearing, and bunch the rest of us in that same condition of hearing loss?

Finally, the worst.  Dialogue of #&*#!*&%$#!!&*#*!!  We movie goers appreciate witty dialogue.  I’ve often wondered if I could get a screen writer’s job in Hollywood.  I know all those four letter words.  All one has to do is blankity blank this, and blank blank that, blank blankity those, throw in some punctuation and not even much of that and there you have the dialogue for a screenplay.

If you have any disagreement with my opinions here, don’t call me on February 24th.  Really poor taste and I turn off my phones anyway.


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