There’s a new mystery in Magnolia Bluff

Today is release day that Cindy Davis releases her new mystery, The Great Peanut Conspiracy, Book 3 in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles.

Let us travel once again to Magnolia Bluff.

New month.

New book.

New murder.

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for.

Acclaimed author Cindy Davis is releasing The Great Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Book 3 in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles.

Magnolia Bluff is a small town in the Texas Hill Country.

It’s a beautiful little place.



And deadly.

Cindy Davis

Into Magnolia Bluff rides Bliss Jager on her motorcycle.

She’s a free spirit.

She’s the queen of the open road.

She’s on her way to someplace else.

She has no intentions of stopping off in Magnolia Bluff.

Bliss would rather be with Jimmy Buffet in Margaritaville.

She rides with the lyrics of his songs running through her head.

But her motorcycle breaks down.

And, for a time, she’s stranded.

For her, Magnolia Bluff may be the jumping off point at the end of the earth.

But she loves the pizza.

And Bliss runs into a man she doesn’t know and never expected to meet.

She sees him.

No one else does.

He’s dead.

He’s a ghost.

And he has a problem.

He was murdered.

And no one knows.

Bliss would rather leave town.

She can’t.

She won’t.

She will stay until she uncovers the identity of a killer.

You can find The Great Peanut Butter Conspiracy on Amazon by clicking HERE. It’s brand new today.

It’s only 99 cents.

Read it.

You’ll love the characters.

You’ll love the town.

You won’t soon forget the mystery.

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