The Writing Traveler: What trip would you like to live again?

My dream trip had always been to go on a safari. I did, and that trip lived up to every expectation. I’d go back to Kenya anytime.

From Darlene Jones, author of When The Sun Was Mine.

Of all the places I’ve visited where would I most like to return to?

An easy question this time!

I’d go back to Kenya and safari on the Masai Mara.

I’ve traveled extensively in West Africa, Central America, and Europe.

I’ve been to Hong Kong, Australia, and Bali.

I live in Canada, have been from one end of the country to the other, have traveled some in the US, and spend winters on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

But my dream trip had always been to go on a safari.

That trip lived up to every expectation and I’d go back anytime.

It’s almost impossible to describe the intensity of emotion when on a safari.

Picture yourself in the vehicle, the top raised so you can stand and look out around you – all 360 degrees of the countryside with no buildings, no telephone lines, no signs of humans at all.

The driver turns off the motor and complete silence engulfs you.

“Look,” someone whispers.

There, just a few feet away from the vehicle, you see a lioness nursing her cubs.

She flips over and the cubs, firmly attached, flip with her.

Or imagine yourself sitting at the bonfire in front of your tent camp.

The earth trembles as a herd of elephants lumbers past somewhere in the darkness.

Lions grumble behind you.

You turn and see only the lanterns hanging on the posts in front of each tent.

Some thirty miles away, you see the fire of another tent camp.

No one speaks.

To do so would almost be a sacrilege.

And you?

What trip would you like to live again?

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