The Write Word for the Write Life

“Can you do better with that price?” a woman asked the photographer selling his work outside Grand Central Station.

The matted print was marked $450.00.

“Yes, I can. How about $575.00?”

The expression on her face was her silent reply and the artist was inspired to continue.

“Look lady. I take pictures of places I’ve been and people I’ve met. My photography is a record of my life. My life has value. I won’t negotiate the value of my life.”

He didn’t make the sale, but he made his point.

For many artists, their tool is a pen (or keyboard) rather than a camera. Their inspirations come from life as well.

Observing others and living their own lives.

For many writers, it’s almost impossible to avoid some autobiographical influence in their work.

Writers do what they do because it’s their life.

Two years ago, I reviewed a 31 page essay entitled, Reading for Survival by John MacDonald. MacDonald extols the virtues — and necessity of reading. We simply must read.

Those who are inspired to write, feel strongly that they simply must write.

Getting what you have written published typically was not easy. Today, you just need a computer and an internet connection. Could it really be that simple?

The transition from blogger to publishing a novel is not easy.

The marketplace is listening to those who want to get published and there are numerous resources available. A trustworthy and valuable source of information is The Indie Trumpet.

Caleb Pirtle, of describes it,“The Indie Trumpet was created and developed by Caleb and Linda Pirtle as a daily publication to provide articles, information, and  insight that are designed to help independent authors in their efforts to promote, brand, market, and sell their books in this new and growing age of indie publishing.”

The Indie Trumpet is always at your fingertips.


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