The Unexplained: Where does the death worm hide?


The Mongolian Death Warm hunts and kills its prey across the broad expanse of the Gobi Desert. Photo: Mongolia Travel

The Mongolian Death Worm is predatory and can be aggressive when angered. It lies beneath the sands of the Gobi Desert.

There is a mysterious organism that is the stuff of terrifying legends.  Nomadic peoples and their predecessors lived with dread of a surprise encounter with this creature.  It can cause almost instantaneous death if it is startled or hungry.

Encounters have lessened in recent years, but there are people alive who have friends or relatives that have seen it.  There are so many claims that it is real and still active, scientists are going into the areas to do studies.

We must go to the Gobi to find the monstrosity.  The Gobi Desert is a huge, 500,000 square mile, region in Northern China and Southern Mongolia. Even though it is an arid desert, it has pockets of cold temperatures.  Throughout a year, the temperatures can range from -40°F to 113°F.  There is even a deep ice field. The desert is made up of five topographical areas and it is expanding, as it eats up some of the lands on its borders.

Sara Marie Hogg

The topography includes mountains and expanses of sand dunes.  The sand in the dunes is noted for its ability to “sing.”  The Gobi is rich in copper, gold, and coal.

It is home to diverse wild animals that include snow leopards and Bactrian camels.

It is a goldmine of fossils, including dinosaurs:  Velociraptor, Protoceratops, Oviraptorosaur–laying its eggs, egg fossils of many dinosaur species, and infant dinosaurs.  There are over 80 genera of fossilized dinosaurs that have been found there.

Today, there is an illusive creature living in the Gobi that is terrifying to behold, and potentially deadly:  The Death Worm of the Gobi Desert.  The creature has blood-red skin, resembling very much a five foot length of intestine.

In fact, nomadic tribes called it allghoi-khorkhoi, which means “intestine worm.”  It has a round hole-like mouth at one end that is ringed with a series of teeth and fangs.  It is extremely poisonous and can spit acid poison, that has killed camels,  within minutes.

It can also send out a lethal beam of electricity that electrocutes its victims.

This Mongolian Death Worm is predatory and can be aggressive when angered.  When agitated, it sometimes turns blue, or even explodes, sending its poison spewing in all directions.

The Death Worm is a type of sand worm that lives below the surface down in the sand.  One never knows when or where a Death Worm will come to the surface to hunt and kill.

Nomads that trek the Gobi know well of the Death Worm.  Some have seen it, and those that haven’t, have heard the scary tales of their ancestors.  No remains are known to have ever been found, nor has anyone ever captured a Death Worm.

This is not terribly unusual, as they are secretive animals that live their lives underground and only come to the surface to eat– then they go back into the sand.  They are invertebrates that do not have internal skeletons to leave behind.

Eminent zoologist, Roy Chapman Andrews, was the first to mention and document the possibility of a Mongolian Death Worm in a short passage of his book about his Mongolian expedition in the 1920s.

In 2010, three Mongolians working for National Geographic were actually in the field to gather any data on the Death Worms.  There is enough believability in accounts and legends for several scientific agencies to continue investigations.

The Beast Man, Beast Hunter, Pat Spain, made his own journey into Mongolia to seek out this fearsome creature that his ancestor had speculated about.  His great great Uncle Charlie was Charles Fort who compiled a huge and well-known book documenting the  strange phenomena of our world.

Spain went in and set up a network of night vision video cameras.  He had high hopes of getting some worm footage.  Not yet.  He captured a lizard and a wandering cow, with horns, for all his trouble.

As of now, the Mongolian Death Worm is hiding.

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