The Unexplained: What’s that in the night skies of Eire?


Ireland is known to have its share of alien encounters and abductions. It is quickly getting a reputation as an alien hotspot.

Last year, in Ireland a beautiful antique book went on sale.  The extremely rare book, on marbled boards, was printed in 1679.  In the book is a description of what some witnesses saw in the skies above more than 300 years ago.

Sixteen residents of Poins Down, Tipperary, viewed “the diverse and most strange apparitions seen in the air.”  One of the objects was “something like a ship,” floating above.

The book was offered in the De Burca Rare Book Catalog for 1,750 pounds.

I cannot find the ancient village of Poins Down on a current map or any mention of it.

Sara Marie Hogg

We can assume that it is somewhere between Ballyporeen and Terryglass and we would probably be correct.

If you are ever lucky enough to make your way to County Tipperary in the west of Ireland, you just might die of enchantment.  First of all, it is carpeted in rich and varied greens, like most of Ireland–hues of emerald, asparagus, aquamarine, seafoam, olive, and spruce.

There is a row of small mountains in the south of the county. The central part is made up of raised boglands.  If you are coming in from County Limerick in the west, you will cross into the Golden Vale, a beautiful plain.

The terrain lends itself to the excellent grazing land for livestock.

County Tipperary is rural and landlocked, but there is a river flowing through it–River Suir winds through it on its way to the sea.  Many of the towns of the county are built upon this river.

There is a famous place in the county–a place of beauty and mystery.  Near Cashel, there stands the Rock of Cashel and the ruins of a 12th Century fortress that was the seat of government for all the surrounding area.

In the 1600s, when the witnesses at Poins Down saw the remarkable airships, the county of Tipperary had a population of approximately 25,000.

It does not surprise me that those witnesses of long ago saw UFOs.  Like Scotland, Ireland seems to have areas that are magnets of attraction for the airships.

Most of the sightings are glowing balls. There are still many sightings of flying discs.  The average length of a sighting is thirteen minutes.

Ireland is known to have its share of alien encounters and abductions. It is quickly getting a reputation as an alien hotspot. In 2021, reports increased and there were reports of “aliens in a bedroom” near Lisburn, and another Irish citizen reported being abducted.

The Irish seem more reluctant to report their encounters than other areas of the UK.  Maybe it is because of the reception they got for their fairies and leprechauns.

I will have my eyes peeled for the next alien encounter coming from Ireland–a report with heavy documentation and photos.  I am sure there will be one soon.

One has to wonder if the aliens thought it was “a long way to Tipperary.”

I am thinking they did.

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