The Unexplained: What’s in the skies above Michigan?

The orbs dotted the sky along 200 miles of Lake Michigan. The origin if the light show remains one of the most widespread UFO events in history.

In 1994, Bill Clinton was president.  In the early part of the year, the Tonya Harding-Jeff Gillooly drama was in the news almost daily. “Where is Carmen San Diego?” made its TV debut.  “The Scream,” by Edvard Munch was stolen in Oslo.  Forrest Gump and The Lion King were the big movies.

And, on March 8, 1994, citizens of 42 counties in western Michigan began calling 9-1-1 with reports of strange, unbelievable lights in the night skies.  Some citizens were just out and out calling them UFOs right off the bat.

The light visitors came in a singular strike that lasted several hours, showing off for viewers, then faded away.  Nothing quite like it has happened since.

The lights were cylindrically shaped, or circles of blue, white, red, and green lights.  The police officers checking out all the 9-1-1 calls were witness to the bewildering lights.  The National Weather Service also had them on radar.

Sara Marie Hogg

The Mutual UFO Network came in and began interviewing witnesses who saw the lights along Lake Michigan.

MUFON could find no reason for the eerie lights.  They were able to eliminate the following: blimps, small planes, satellites, military aircraft, shooting stars, or debris.

Over 300 witnesses had reported some kind of display in the night sky.  They were not unlike Christmas lights, forming six cylindrical or circular shapes.

The counties of Muskegon, Ottawa, Berrien, and Allegan seemed to have the most spectacular views.  The orbs dotted the sky along 200 miles of Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

The origin of the light show is still unknown, and it remains one if the most widespread UFO events in history.

I decided to check the weather for that day.  The area was cold, with temperatures ranging from 0 degrees-30 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind occasionally peaked at 26 mph.  It was clear and visibility was 15 miles.

The National Weather Service had strange reports coming in all over from their Weathermen who were observing the objects on radar.  The weathermen could not hide their excitement.

One meteorologist in Muskegon County, Jack Bushong was manning his station alone.  He was recorded on the phone saying the objects were coming together and coming apart.  They were hovering and jumping, hovering and jumping.  They were blips on the radar the size of half a thumbnail.  Planes are small blips, not large blips.  They were sometimes 12,000 feet in altitude.

Bushong went down a checklist of what the blips could be and nothing could explain them.  They were not technical glitches or weather phenomena.

Bushong soon became wary of saying too much because of his fear of becoming labeled or ridiculed, but in his phone description to a colleague he said the objects seemed to be coasting at 100 miles per hour.  Sometimes they rose from 5,000  to 10,000 feet straight up.  When they went the highest, they were at 60,000 feet.  Then, there were some that stayed stationary.

Bushong recently got vindicated for his reporting when the government decided to investigate some UFO reports with a more open stance.

One woman described what she saw as four full moons.  The full moons were hanging over her horse pasture.  She is one of the people that is still haunted by the events of that night.  She admits she is the UFO Lady of Grand Haven, Michigan.  She still talks of the event and still lives in the same house.

Some witnesses, including some of the Weathermen, were reported as a saying the objects seemed to be moving toward Chicago.

Whatever was responsible for this display of lights seemed to be something not of this world.  They came in and taunted the viewers, then left.  Nothing quite like them has ever returned…..yet.

Michigan has a rich UFO history and is ranked tenth in U.S. UFO sightings.  A recent count was 3,485 objects.

What visited the skies of Michigan in 1994 and when will they return?

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