The Unexplained: What’s hidden in Hangar 18?

It’s said the bodies of the aliens were kept preserved in cryogenic capsules in the underground vaults.

Hangar 18 – does it really exist?  Are there any reputable people that will vouch for its authenticity?  Exactly what is Hangar 18?

A few years ago I got a five DVD set that was in a sale catalog.   It was put out by The History Channel:  UFOs and Aliens.  These documentaries are still recognized as favorable viewing.   One of the discs focuses on Hangar 18—The UFO Warehouse—as it is also called.  Hangar 18 is located at what is now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.

I reviewed this disc and jotted down some of the prominent names that appear in the documentary to examine for their believability.

The first is a personality that appears in many UFO books and videos.  His name is Stanton Friedman and he is a Canadian nuclear physicist.   He has made himself an authority on UFOs and he has the credentials and honors to back him up.  Stanton has appeared in a number of UFO documentaries.  The second is Marion “Black Mac” Magruder, a highly decorated ace fighter pilot with the US Marine Corps Marine Aircraft division.  Dennis Balthaser is a retired civil and Army engineer who offers his two cents in the video. 

He developed an avid interest in the Roswell incident and for a time volunteered in the museum and has written articles.  He is an extensive UFO researcher and has given private alien crash site tours.   Captain Robert Collins and Colonel Richard Andrews appear in the video and they co-authored The Roswell Report which was published as a book in 1995.   They give equal time to the government side of the controversy.

All of the people listed have written or contributed to a book about UFOS or Aliens, so they had to have access to special knowledge or done tons of research.

The mystery around what is known as Hangar 18 is this:  In July of 1947,  something quite remarkable happened in Roswell, New Mexico.  It was reported that a flying disc crashed leaving a one-mile long wreckage field.  After the shocking headlines about a disc from outer space appeared in newspaper headlines, the government made a big to-do out of saying it was only a weather balloon after all.  They showed pictures of the scraps of a weather balloon.   It was alleged that fake debris was spread on the field to bolster the government’s cover story.  The real debris was carted off, winding up at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio.

Sara Marie Hogg

Shortly after The Roswell Event, in March, another event happened in Aztec, New Mexico.  Oil workers on a mesa came upon another disc.  It did not crash but made a successful landing.  A few brave oil workers worked up the nerve to peer into a shattered porthole.  All of the weird bodies inside were slumped over.  The 14-16 occupants were dead and had burned.  Trucks soon arrived from a base in Colorado to cart off the disc, bodies, and debris.  The oil workers were sworn to secrecy and it was emphasized that it was their American civic duty to keep quiet. 

The carted-off evidence was also routed to Wright Field in Ohio.  These two disc incidents were not all.  There were several.  There were two crashes in Arizona, One in Laredo, Texas, and one in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.  It is alleged that these all had alien bodies or aircraft debris that were removed to Wright Field.

The secret goings-on at Wright Field, later renamed Wright-Patterson, were not only for the preservation and examination of the alien bodies, but there was a later declassified program at Wright Patterson known as Project Moon Dust.  The purpose of this program was to gather up all debris from non-USA air travel, including from foreign countries or from outer space or even an unknown origin. 

There it would be re-constructed and then reverse-engineered in order to make superior aircraft and weapons for our military.  The reason they had to be top secret was to protect the lives of our military personnel using them in the future. The program that was focused on reverse engineering techniques was known as the FTD, Foreign Technology Division.

Marion Magruder was a member of a class from an Air War College and this elite group was flown to Wright Field in July of 1947, right after Roswell, to examine the disc debris and alien situation.  Magruder would not utter a word about this event until shortly before he died when his son and granddaughter urged him to finally unburden himself.  The members of the Air War College had been sworn to secrecy under threat of a court-martial, Magruder had explained.

In 1978, when Leonard Stringfield, a ufologist, gave a speech at MUFON, he revealed that he had been cultivating a network of witnesses—leakers—who worked for the government and they had all kinds of interesting information about what was going on in Hangar 18.  He protected them and coordinated all of their accounts. 

They could not go public because they would lose their top-secret government jobs.  Leonard wrote several books himself, but his versions could not be verified because the witnesses would not go on the record with their real names.  Sometimes he told the accounts using only first names or pseudonyms.  The aliens that were described to him had four long fingers on the hands with webbing between them. 

The little travelers were small with big heads, long arms, large eyes, and slits for mouths.   The nostrils and ears were holes.  A leaker, known only as PJ, said that he had been escorted from the site by armed guards, twice.

It was learned that Hangar 18 was really several different places at Wright Field.  The Hanger was located in Building 23 and there were underground vaults connected by tunnels.  The bodies of the aliens were kept preserved in cryogenic capsules in the underground vaults.  Some years would probably have to pass before we were sophisticated enough to study them properly.

An employee of Wright Patterson, a clerk typist named June Crain had fascinating stories to tell.  She had access to classified documents of the 1950s.   She divulged that little green men were about 4 feet tall and actually greenish blue.  She read in a document that two of the aliens had been placed in an ice box.  June was required to sign a confidentiality document but when she was 72 she decided to tell her story.  She thought she was too old to be dealt with harshly.

Senator Barry Goldwater was once so curious about all of the rumors of aliens and UFOs that he asked General LeMay to get him access to the documents and artifacts.  LeMay became furious and told him not to ever bring it up again.

What did Marion Magruder finally tell his family he had seen?  He had seen the alien bodies and one of the aliens was still alive.   He dubbed it Squiggly.  He said to his family, “It was alive but we killed it!”

He then explained to his shocked family members that it was not on purpose.  There was no way to know how to treat the injuries of the alien—the government tried this and that, but their attempts were not life-saving.  It was a case of the cure being worse than the condition.

It would seem very odd if all of these things told by different people were totally fabricated.  There must be some truth to some of it.  

Dennis Balthaser has been known to say, “If you want to know the truth about aliens, Wright Patterson is the place to go.”

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of the award-winning It Rises from the Pee Dee. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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